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Parenting Tips - How to teach Patience to your kids

Updated on August 20, 2013

‘Now! I want it right now!’ Every parent is familiar with this phrase because their kids have at some point or the other made a fuss about having to wait. I want an ice cream and I want it now, I want to go to play now, I want this now, I want that now! Temper tantrums and childhood go hand in hand. All kids have them and all parents dread them. Teaching kids to be patient and waiting for something is not an easy task. In fact the first time you ask them to be patient, they might look at you funny and ask what exactly patience means. That’s right! Now it’s your turn to be patient and teach your little one about the virtue of patience.

He that can have patience can have what he will

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘He that can have patience can have what he will’. And true enough, nothing in life comes easy. We have to wait for the best thing in life. Every kids need to learn the virtue of patience at an early age because that’s when they learn the best things about life. Parenting an impatient child is not easy and teaching him/her to be patient is even more difficult. It requires unconditional love and the patience of a saint. So you see, it all comes back to patience.

5 tips to get your kid to be patient and wait without complaining.

1) Practice what you preach – This is the most important parenting tip that every parent must follow. If you don’t set the right example, your kid is never going to grow up to be a responsible individual who waits for his turn.

2) Make a wish list – There are times when your kids wants something and they whine until you give it to them. At those times, tell your kid to make a wish list of all the things that they might want to receive for their next birthday. Encourage them to write it down. The simple act of writing down gives your child control and increases patience.

3) Praise them when are patient – Once in a while, kids become agreeable to everything you say. When you notice that they waited their turn do did as you said without you having to remind them constantly, praise them. It reinforces the behavior.

4) Deliver on promises – If you make a promise to your kid, keep it. Don’t say you’ll play with them after you’ve finishes cooking and once you’re done, forget all about it. You might forget but your kid won’t. Your child needs to understand that if they wait, you will come through.

5) Encourage perseverance – Teach them that if they wait for something, the reward will be greater than what they expected. Give them a daily allowance and encourage them to save it for something that they want to buy themselves. Or plant a seedling with your kid and show them to water it daily so that it grows into a beautiful plant.

With these tips you kids will be well on their way to learning patience and you might learn a thing or two about it yourselves. Here’s a fun video for kids that will explain to them the importance of patience. For more fun videos, visit HooplaKidz YouTube channel

Word of the Day - Patience


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Great list for parents to know and to use in developing patience in kids. I love the "practice what you preach" because it does make the most impact on your children.