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Parenting Tips - Speech and Language Skills for Preschoolers

Updated on April 14, 2014

Parenting Preschoolers - Simple Speech and Language Tips

You don’t have to have a degree in education to promote speech and language abilities  in young children.  Here are some simple ways to introduce important literacy skills to preschoolers. 

When you are shopping for groceries with your little one, take advantage of the  opportunity to increase his vocabulary.  Point to brightly colored veggies and fruit and name them.  Talk about the color of the produce.  Ask basic questions to them about the color or size of the item.  Praise their efforts.  Speak about the texture of the items, using easy words that they will soon become familiar with.  Don’t just stick to apples and oranges.  Expand your child’s vocabulary by telling him the names of eggplant, zucchini and avocados.  Don’t expect him to remember and name every item you’ve shown him.  

Use every occasion to teach him new words and concepts.  A medical appointment,  a trip to the zoo or going for a walk present wonderful opportunities to teach him new words.  Count the number of dogs you see on your walk or the number of swings at a playground.  This will help develop his literacy skills while he is having fun. 

Provide bright picture books for your child to look at.  Build a collection of childrens' books in your home.  Supply books of different textures such as board books and those made of cloth.  Scratch and sniff books are a favorite of preschool children.  Many books offer their own manipulative, such as counters or puppets.

Read to your child and have him read to you.  Ask him to predict what will happen next in the storyline.  Compare large and small objects.  Teach him positional words, such as over, under and first and last. 

These relatively simple steps can go a long way in enhancing your child’s speech and language skills. 



I take everyday opportunities to strengthen speech and language skills with my toddler.

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    • povmang profile image

      Pov 6 years ago from phnom penh

      It's really good tips to teach children.