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Parenting Toddlers Help

Updated on January 20, 2011

Many parents say that the toddler years are some of the toughest. Dealing with high energy kids with inquisitive minds who are capable of getting into things and throwing enormous tantrums can be trying at best. While many parents struggle with parenting effectively, parenting toddlers can be a task with which parents need particular help. Seeking out opportunities for parenting education can strengthen the bond between you and your toddler and help tackle specific challenges you face in the toddler years. 

Parent Education Programs

One place to look for parenting education is organizations that offer parenting classes. Look for classes geared toward parents of toddlers, as these will address issues specific to the toddler years, such as potty training and beginning discipline. You can also look for books and online resources that deal with these specific issues as well. If you are having significant problems with your toddler, seek help from an individual therapist who can provide one on one parent education. No matter what type of parent education program you choose, your program should include clear goals for what you want to accomplish and develop long term parenting skills that build upon your personal strengths. Improving your parenting skills during the toddler years can save you more problems as your child gets older.

Parenting Classes

As mentioned above, parenting classes are one parent education option to consider. Parenting classes offer a structured curriculum for improving your parenting skills. If you have a toddler, you are a busy parent! Online parenting classes may be an ideal option for you to offer flexibility in scheduling. Often online parenting classes will allow you to work at your own pace, making it possible to squeeze your parenting class into your busy schedule and taking the pressure off having to attend class or finish in a particular timeframe.

Other Help for Parents

There are many other resources for parenting education that can help you parent your toddler more effectively. A subscription to a parenting magazine can offer you monthly advice delivered straight to your door from parents who have “been there” and can offer helpful tips on parenting toddlers. A parenting magazine or newsletter will offer you valuable parenting tips and advice. Local support groups are another great resource for parenting help. Look for support groups of parents with toddlers; often there is free child care offered in conjunction with these groups to help you attend. 

Image Credit: pinkstockphotos, Flickr


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  • Jamie Brock profile image

    Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

    Thank you for sharing, this is useful! My little boy just turned 3 years old yesterday and sometimes he's quite a handful :0)