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Parenting Types- Authoritative

Updated on March 25, 2011

Why should I try?

Parents have attempted to raise their children successfully for centuries. Sometimes the child meets the adults expectations, sometimes the parents are sitting with their heads in their hands wondering what went wrong. However, there is a solution. Out of three parenting styles authoritative is the most effective.


This parenting style keeps the children close to the adults yet adding on guidelines and discipline. How is this done?

There is a good relationship with the children. The parents spend time with their children, talking and doing activities. Go to the park with them. Visit friends house. Take a family vacation every year. Spending time with children creates and forms relationships.

Be fun. Children like to have a friend. Be there for them in their difficult times: when a pet dies, or a bike is stolen. You are a parent. You created them, you birthed them, thus you should be there for them. Helping a child gains not only gratitude, but love.

Be clear. Make sure your children know what you want from them. Do not explain yourself time and time again. Only once should be the trick. If you explain yourself too many times for one issue the child will become tired of the conversation, annoyed. Within a short time they will attempt to fight back.

Remain level headed. Becoming upset in a situation does not help anything. Stay calm. Using a level headed voice will annoy them more than yelling. Hearing someone scream at you does not help anything. While they are yelling and spitting profanities you are looking at them wanting to strangle their necks. Your child is the same way. They will want to get back at you, in one way or another.

The younger generation need the support of the adults to know they are going in the right direction. Which is why rules and guide lines are put down in every home. "Make up your bed every morning, do the dishesevery night." Both of these are okay in the authoritative home. What is considered too low? "Be back before breakfast." This is inappropriate and creates disrespect for the adult. What is considered too high? "Clean the attic."


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