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Parenting - Why the TV Is a Bad Babysitter?

Updated on January 15, 2018
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As a kids' author of a lovely girl who has given her two darling grandchildren, she learned neat life lessons she desires to share with you!

The TV Is a Dreadful Babysitter Because Children Need Lots of Attention

The TV is a dreadful babysitter since children need heaps of nurturing and exposure to a variety of cultural things to live healthy and vibrant lives. You may think your child is quietly tucked into a cozy corner of your house watching an attractive TV program, while you dutifully adhere to your chores or study, except, he is screaming inside for want of attention.

Even so, unless you actively scrutinize and watch the shows along with your children, you're exceedingly doing more damage than good to their budding social skills.

If you think you're loving your children by having them watch TV so you can do other things, think again.
If you think you're loving your children by having them watch TV so you can do other things, think again.

Children Need Plenty of Interaction and the TV Falls Short

Children need plenty of interaction and a deep nurturing love from their parents. They develop into a kind and loving person when parents are actively engaged in their care. It's your job initially to teach your children, to read, play and count. It's even your job to be the first one to talk to them about their bodies.

It's definitely not the TV's fault nor their school's responsibility to introduce moral values, poise, and love. It's your ultimate job to rear and chastise your children, so they go up to be responsible adults.

Realize your children are the first to know when they're being neglected and tossed aside. And being in front of a television set for hours at a time will make them feel unloved.

It's horrible when children must compete with things, hobbies or chores for their parents undivided attention. They are awfully inhibited when parents anticipate they watch oodles of TV, so they can get your groove on.

By this I mean, your peace of mind to do other things, besides spending quality time with your children. They'll feel bored and ignored, and you'll lose a grand opportunity to inspire, encourage and infuse a tad of your personal worth into your prized children.

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The TV Will Turn Children into Aggressive Adults

The TV is truly the worst babysitter by far. You shouldn't use it to entertain your children, unless you're all right with raising an unassertive child, who has a short fuse, is rebellious, not respective of you and not friendly, nor kind. He may not ever feel a twinge of compassion for anything. In today's world things are dreadfully liberal, who can tell when shows or commercials will be inappropriate for young minds?

A passive TV display unit cannot in any way demonstrate love, nor can it show children how to live a vigorous and joyful life with his peers and family. Only by taking pleasure in spending quality time and active play with family, friends and peers are children able to fill the void of a loving reassurance. A cold TV monitor can never do any of this ever. All it's notorious for is putting fine brains on sleep mode, and creating antisocial behavior.

It has been shown that the TV teaches the absolute worst social skills! Desperately setting a TV monitor to do a parenting job is useless. Something a TV screen cannot ever do, except, it'll surely create a monster of a child, for sure!

You Can Play an Awesome Game with Your Kids and Preserve a Great Day with Treasured Memories, Instead of Having Them Watch TV That's Cold and Uninviting.

Times of Play Are a Spell for Kids!
Times of Play Are a Spell for Kids!

Instead Engage Your Children in Conversations

It's paramount to engage in packs of conversations with your children and happily do crafts together. Visit the museum with art galleries and parks together. Children love to spend real-time with their parents. When it's fun and engaging they learn more, instead of a boring time in front of a TV.

All children want is you and more of you! Your kids will appreciate your friendship, whether you're visiting an amusement park, riding bikes together, playing ball or shopping and even standard grocery shopping, to name a few.

Set Some House Rules to Guide Your Children.
Set Some House Rules to Guide Your Children. | Source
Spending Moments with Friends is Awesome!
Spending Moments with Friends is Awesome! | Source
Go Out with Your Children and Shower Them with Kindness!
Go Out with Your Children and Shower Them with Kindness! | Source

Reasons to Take TV Away from Your Kids

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • lemonkerdz profile image


    6 years ago from LIMA, PERU

    Very interesting and useful information for parents who truly love their kids. They say Tv does not affect them and is an education for them. it is! but it depends on what programmes and how long they watch it, and that goes for the time spent on computer games as well.

    If parents want a kid that can´t interact with others.....then stick em in front of that box and switch it on. voting up, thanks


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