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Parents Coping with ADHD in Toddlers

Updated on September 4, 2010

Parents Coping with ADHD in Toddlers

 Parents with a toddler suffering from ADHD know how hard it is to raise a super active, sensitive, and overly energetic kid who just doesn’t tire all day long.  It’s not uncommon for these parents to suffer beyond physical pain from constantly looking after their toddler with ADHD; they are also prone to blame themselves for their toddler’s behavior.  It’s not easy for them to hear comments from other people about their toddler, and an ADHD toddler behavior itself can be emotionally taxing.  Therefore, ADHD in toddlers must not only be prioritized in terms of providing medication, but parents support for these toddlers must be given attention too.

 Foremost to these supports is the proper diagnosis of toddlers showing signs of hyperactivity typical in ADHD.  Often, ADHD in toddlers are undiagnosed because people, even some doctors, misinterpret the hyperactivity as typical toddler behavior.  This situation is detrimental because parents cannot explain to themselves why their toddler is behaving the way they do.  If you have a reason to believe that your toddler has ADHD, remember that it’s okay to bring your toddler to a specialist for a proper diagnosis.

 Parents’ with a toddler diagnosed with ADHD prepare for the challenge ahead by gathering support from family, friends, and support groups with extensive knowledge in ADHD in toddlers.  Even if support groups do not appeal much to you, it pays to participate in one because they have extensive knowledge about ADHD and you can learn from experience of other ADHD toddler parents.  You can also call a social worker to give you tips in helping your toddler cope up with the condition.  Your support group or a social worker can also recommend an excellent book about raising a toddler with ADHD for you.

 ADHD symptoms are often triggered with sudden changes in the routine of the sufferer so that it’s best to structure your toddler’s daily activity well to avoid this.  Schedule his or her activity to be uniform throughout the day so that he or she can prepare to transition from one activity to the next.  And parents with ADHD toddler are advised to go out for a fun and relaxing activity away from the responsibility of raising a hyperactive toddler.  ADHD in toddlers can be very tiresome, and you’ll be in a better position to take care of your toddler if you’re rested and relaxed.


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