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Parents: Be Careful "Playing Favorites" With Your Children

Updated on February 5, 2012

Every parent has a favorite when they have 2 children or more. I was an only child, so I knew WHO was the favorite. As for families of multiple children, parents play favorites with certain kids all the time. Of course, they don't want to admit it and they tend to hide those feelings from the children. Most people would think it was unforgivable to have a preference for one child over the other.

Favoritism is a natural part of parenting multiple children, BUT BE CAREFUL!

It's Human Magnetism! Duh!

Since the beginning of time, most parents have "played favorites" with certain children they got along with. Most parents would agree that they have a certain infinity towards a daughter or son because they have a great relationship, plain and simple.

Parents and children who have the same interests tend to get-along well. For example, it is not surprising if a sports-minded Father would naturally bond with his athletic son or a "Stage Mom" who never got her "big-break" in showbusiness would have a close relationship with her singer/ daughter.

It is human magnetism that brings a parent and child together! Don't apologize for playing favorites with a kid who thinks like you, acts like you or has the same interest as you!

Just don't show it in front of the other children.

Who do Parents Choose, "Mr. Popularity or Ms. Popularity" or the Anti-Christ?

Parents are caught in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between "opposite" children.

What parent would not favor the son or daughter who has straight "A's," sings in the church choir, respects his or her elders, popular with friends and family, well-adjusted, and easy-going?

I know, that's a lot of guilt a parent must burden shunning the other children when "Mr. Popularity or Ms. Popularity" reigns in the household.

What parent would want to avoid dealing with the son or daughter who is the second-coming of the anti-Christ," has a criminal record, hangs around with an unruly crowd, talks back to elders, and is a recluse at home?

Woah! I thought so.

Don't Overcompensate!

One thing parents should not do is "overcompensate" by reaching out to a child, you have literally ignored or neglected. Believe me, it will show from your child's point of view that you are overdoing it.

So don't even try.

Kids are not fools when it comes to observing parent-children relationships and seeing that their brother or sister are clearly the favorites over them. They would become resentful if you made an overt attempt to be with them when they know you wanted to be with their siblings instead.

Damien from "The Omen"
Damien from "The Omen" | Source

Stop Playing Favorites or Else!

So you parents who think you are fooling your neglected children would be interested to know that they have favorites as well! The resentment will be carried on well into their adult lives and will be revealed in the most inopportune time.

Always at the most awkward time, of course.

Parents, you may be good at hiding your preference for a son or daughter, but their siblings are watching. They can see it through your body language and facial expressions.


Karma can be a b*tch and you can bet that the neglected child will get revenge with you sooner or later.


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    • profile image

      Taylor 5 years ago

      That is sooo true!!! My parent plays favorite and she wonders why I hide in my room or play music too loud or never talk!!