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Parents, I Am More Than Just Your Child's Preschool Teacher

Updated on March 14, 2018
Ashley Marie Rile profile image

Ashley graduated from NVTHS in 2016. Upon graduation, Ashley now works at a High-End Salon.


It's the beginning of the week, and your morning alarm just went off. You begin your day by getting ready for work. An hour quickly goes by so you begin to make breakfast & start packing a lunch for your child to bring to school. Maybe you are a Parent that is running late this morning so you don't have time sit the kiddos down for breakfast. Instead, you get them dressed, and run out the door. By eight o'clock you are walking into your child's Daycare/Preschool. You greet the Secretary, check-in with their Teacher, and you give your child a hug & kiss, and just like that, you find yourself having to leave to get to work on time. Seems simple, but what really happens after you drop your child off at school?

One of two things. Your child will either find friends to interact & engage with, or your child will have a meltdown the moment that you walk out that door.

In my experience with Teaching, I have recognized that there is more to teaching, than teaching itself. Not only do I provide a wide variety of materials for children to explore, manipulate, and use during learning & imaginative play, but I also care for your children, as if they were my own child.

I care for your children

This may be a given, but I want to go more into depth on what I truly mean when I say that I "care". As a Preschool Teacher, I genuinely care about your children. I care about their social, emotional, intellectual, & physical well-being.

I love your children, as if they were my own

This is true, especially for a lot of Teacher's, including myself. I have a big heart, but I also have an abundance of unconditional love for children. I spend every day, nine hours a day with your child, so when you are at work, it is my job to make your child feel safe, secure, comfortable, and happy in the environment that they are in.

I am a listener & protector for your child

I listen to all of your child's needs. I listen to your child if they are having a bad day, I listen to your child when they miss you, I listen to your child when they are tired, I listen to your child when they are excited. I am also their protector. It is my job to protect your child from any hurt & pain.

I engage in playtime with your child

This may be a responsibility of mine, but it can also be extremely tiring! Most Parents don't realize that I have eight-twelve other children that I have to watch in a day. Playtime can be extremely fun, but is also where the chaos comes into effect. As a Teacher, it is important to give my students, and your child the attention that they need. If your child wants me to read them a book, sing songs with them, run around outside, or pretend to be Batman, I will, and I will enjoy every moment of it!

The truth about my job, being a Preschool Teacher

Being a Preschool Teacher is not about the money. In fact, our salary is about $28,570 yearly. We simply do it because we love it. Teaching young children can be a rewarding field, but it also comes with children smearing boogers on the walls, playdough getting stuck in the carpets, snacks and drinks spilling on the floors, your child may even throw up on my hand, or even my chest (has actually happened to me). The concept of being a Preschool Teacher may seem like rocket science, but in the end, the profession deserves a lot of respect. You might not necessarily need a degree, or license at first to teach, but it takes a special kind of person in this world to have the patience and love for your child.

If you are reading this right now, I want you to understand that I'm not "just" a Preschool Teacher. I am so much more than that. I work in a Profession that I am proud to be a part of.

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Barefoot Books are my favorite children's sing-along books. My students constantly ask to listen to them. Barefoot Books make storytime fun & children learn the words fast!


© 2018 Ashley Riley


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    • profile image

      Devon 2 months ago

      I love this. You are an amazing preschool teacher, you have quite the gift. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with you!

    • Ashley Marie Rile profile image

      Ashley Riley 2 months ago from Ayer, Massachusetts

      Thank you, Jason for the support! I'm still new to the Community so I am still figuring out how to comment back to people & such :-)

    • manunulat profile image

      Jason M Quinapondan 2 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      true enough being a teacher in general takes a lot of patience and love for children whom you don't have blood relation with. No doubt, it is the noblest profession. And I salute you for being a good one!

      keep it up Ashley.


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