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Guidelines to Prevent Teenage Rebellion

Updated on September 2, 2015


Rebellion is normal during adolescence period. Teenager usually explore because of their consciousness about their surroundings. The more you say no, the more they will do it. Guidance is needed.

Quality time for kids is good, physically and emotionally. Sometimes teens became rebellious because they want your attention. Sometimes, they don’t feel that you love them, they don’t feel that you take care of them. They feel alone. Being alone can lead emotionally difficulties and reduction of social skills and sometimes it cause a deterioration of academic performance. And most of all, it can be leads also in bad habits. And they found some interesting and adventurous thing that they can risk their life.

There are two types of children

1. A kid who want to be alone- This can lead to feelings of depression. They lost their social communication skills and social environment.

2. A kid who want to be with others. – Sometimes, it just like attention seeker. So, how they will do it? Kids do a rebellious way so that, there parents notice that they are exist. And once you advice them, they will not listen at all.

Helps to Prevent Rebellion

1. Give time to your family

Being parents isn’t easy, they do multi-tasking to earn and to give their child a good life. But sometimes, being busy they forgot to give some time to their family. To bonding and to talk. One of the common example is When parents go home, their kids are sleeping or the parent is tired so they need to rest. And then, in the morning, they go to school or the parent go to their office.

2. Communication

Communication is the best thing to keep in touch in your family. Even parents and children has a busy day, don’t forget to communicate. One example that can leads on it is to watch movie together or then open some topic that you want to asked them.

3. Eat together

In that time you can have a bonding, you can talk your daily life, you can ask each other in their activities and other more. Usually, dining is good space to communicate.

4. Be a role model

Kids follows what older doin. For example, you asked your kid not to smoke, then you are smoking. How they will follow you if they see it in you.

A Family lives Together, Stay Together

5. Be parent and be a friend

Nowadays, teens are more open to communicate with their friends than to their parents/family. They more share to others because they feel secured on others or they are shy to tell their secret in you.

6. Know their friends

The parents will be aware which type of friends that she/he spend for their free time.

7. Support what they like or interest.

Parents must be number one fan and person who will encourage to pursue something they like. Like sports, school activities, academics, talent and other more.

8. Compliment your child

Sometimes, they need to complement their kids. Because in a simple complement in their right doing the kids feel happy.

How will you discipline your kids.

1. Give warnings when you can, you must give them chance to change their appropriate behavior.

2. Tell them what is wrong, create a positive discipline towards your children.

3. As soon as possible, do not hurt your children for disciplinary. But if parents accidentally hurt their kids, the parent should explain why they did it to their kids. I’m not saying to tell sorry to their kids. But they need to say What they did wrong. So, they are aware in their mistakes.

4. Grounded- I don’t think so it will be good to the children. It may leads also a anger towards their parents or a chance of depression. But PARENT’S KNOW WHAT RIGHT TO THEIR KIDS IS. It’s a parent choice.


How do you often eat together with your family?

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Example SItuation

There's some stories happen in real life. Parents are busy working overseas and they let their child live alone. His parents know that he is still studying and graduating on that year. Because they keep sending money for his allowance, tuition fee and other stuff. When graduation came, they go back to their home town and they already prepared on their son graduation and that day, they discover that their child is not studying and they keep fake their grades every semester and some of their appliance are already sold.

Another Tips

  • Don’t spoil them on money. Give them, but not much and not unlimited. It’s better to give their exact things that they need than to give money.
  • As a parent, they still needed your guidance and advice. And know their activities. If you feel they do something wrong. Survey it. Discover it.
  • Prepares them to solve real life problems.They won't develop the problem solving skills of negotiation in a way that empowers them.
  • Understand your child in all gradual gains in power. They are really rungs on a ladder that leads to independent functioning, or adulthood. and help them to get along with other people and how to live the right values.

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