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Parents and Facebook

Updated on March 5, 2012

Do Your Parents Embarrass You on Facebook?

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Let me start off by saying that Facebook was one of the most greatest things invented next to Myspace. Thank you Facebook for giving me another addiction that wastes minutes of my life for no good reason.

I remember when Facebook first came out and all my friends kept telling me that Myspace is nothing compared to this new social media. Although I didn't join the hype till about a year or so after it came out when I started noticing that my friends were no longer posting anything on Myspace. So I figured I'd talk a walk to the dark side. There really isn't anything much to say about this social media other than I can keep in touch with Friends and Family all over the world and it's great that I can do it for free.

BUT... When your parents join Facebook it's time to head to the hills. Last year, my mom joined Facebook (oh boy) her coworkers convinced her it was the new fad and that she had to join. Let's note that my mother is Filipino and can't really speak English that well let alone write English without in sounded like her accent. Anyway, my mom joins and adds me as a friend. So I'm like OK this will allow me to talk to my mom more often since we both live in separate states. Let me tell you adding my mom was one of the most worst mistake I have ever made.

I get comments almost everyday with stuff like:

"Cess this is your mom, call me please" as if I didn't know she was my mom; Or I get comments like "Cess I found a picture of you potty training let me scan and tag you, I think you pooped on the floor in this picture too". But the best part is when she tries to give my friends advice through my comment feed. "You pretty, you no need man, man only want one thing and that's your cleaning abilities. He need maid he hire me $10 an hour" I could not stop laughing but seriously?!?!

CAN YOU SAY EMBARRASSING! And the worse part about all of this is that she does it while I am work so the whole world gets a chance to see it before I can delete anything. Therefore this is one reason why parents should not be allowed to have Facebook pages, for instances such as mine. There are things that are funny but then there are the things that are pretty embarrassing. Grant-it I am old enough to know that those things are funny, but just the fact that all my friends get to see it and now make fun of me, sucks. On the contrary though she makes my days so much better just from laughing at the things that she has to say.

-Daughter Out :)


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    • marlynpumphrey profile image

      Marlyn Munoz 5 years ago from Honolulu, HI

      Im still waiting for my mom to get bored of facebook, so she can stop with the comments and status' lol

    • mathair profile image

      mathair 5 years ago from Ireland