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Parents and thier importance in your life

Updated on September 27, 2012
Thats what teenagers need.
Thats what teenagers need.


"Parents"- Noone can understand the importance of a parents in ones life. Even if I'm writing this hub, I'm not 100 % sure what does they mean to us. But i know enough to write about our parents and their importance. No offense, but most teenagers think what our parents do for us is their duty and that is why they are here. It's not the truth though.
Parents are the ones who are ALWAYS there for you no matter what. Their love and affection never fades even if you can't show respect to them. "In the present era, it is really difficult to judge a person on the basis of their character and behaviour as long as you can't tolerate them." But if you have the courage to tolerate them, it make everything a lot easier. The same is with the parents, if they scold you, annoy you, or fight with, its for your good cause. If you can tolerate them, you can learn a lot of things from them, but if you disagree or argue, then you make yourself sad and lose your trust in yourself. So, always keep in mind, everything our parents say to us, there's always something in it for our well-being.

Parents as role models :

Parents serve as a role model for all of us through interaction and admiration. They set a great example especially for teenagers with their attitude and behavior within the family and in the outside world, only if the we listen and follow them. Parents were, are, and will be an inspiration to their children. Parents always try to give all the value to their child that can counter the negative influence children may receive from their peers from school. Always spare time for your parents to discuss all the matters and concerns you have. The advice you would get from them, can never get it from anyone else on this world. The reason is, they never think of their benefit in any advice they give to their children. But when you go to someone else to get some kind of advice, they would think about alot of things in their mind before giving you the right advice. Always console your parents when they need you. Because sooner or later, you would need them and there will be noone else there at that time.

Parents And different stages of life :

  1. Stage I (age 5 to 12): This is the age when everyone really need their parents. Our parents provides us all our basic needs and they are the only ones who take care of us. We totally depend on our parents during this stage. If they leave us for a minute, we feel insecure and cry. Our parents even help us go to the bathroom. Here's the most important thing, every basic necessity we need to run our life, we learn or inherit those from our parents at this stage. Noone could understand why children change when they get into teens.
  2. Stage II (age12 to 25): This is called the Youth Age. Everything changes fast and random. At this stage parents are the one who feel insecure when their children crosses 12. Because they start to get involved in day-to-day activities with their peers or the ones they don't know. Every parent worry about their beloved children when they don't know what their children is upto. Teenagers think they can do whatever they want hiding from their parents. Someone said, "You can hide anything from anybody, but nothing from your parents". It,s common sense, nobody knows as much about you as your parents does. You shouldn't even try to have secrets from your parents. In fact, you should always put your issues or problems, or anything that disturbs you in front of your parents. That would help you alot.
    At this age teenagers think:
    --- Parents doesn't understand us.
    --- They interfere in our personal lives.
    --- We are grown and independant and we can do whatever we want.
    --- Parenst never listen to us or fulfil our dreams.
  3. Stage III (age 25 or above): When a person get to this age, he/she understands what parents really mean to them and how important they are. By the time adult turns 25, they recognize that parents are the one who are always right in all matters. They start respecting them, they actually listen to them and respect what they say. The point to be focus on is, why don't they understand this during their teen years ? It would be a lot easier for them and for their parents if they start behaving as their parents want.

Guys, please, spare ten minutes of your time and think about everything that your parents did, is doing, and will do in the future for you. Don't blame them for anything, because they never do something that would hurt us or them.
All they want from you, is to be successful in your life and make your lives better than the life you're living in. I have never seen a parent asking for something from their child. All they have from you is EXPECTATIONS, and having expectations is not a bad thing. Everyone have some kind of expectation from somebody whom you can trust, so does your parents. At the end all want to say is :::::----->

This is what you should always focus on, not on the world
This is what you should always focus on, not on the world


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