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How to be a good educating parent?

Updated on June 6, 2012

Teaching a child is an art

Many mothers face a big challenge to teach their children. But, one thing we must keep it in our mind that teaching a child is one of Arts. Some mothers are very clever in doing that. There will be nothing interesting rather than teaching a child. A mother forgets herself when she hears a child’s first word ‘mummy’. Some children learn to speak very quickly but some are late. Children who live with grandparents learn quickly to speak than the children who live in nuclear family. Let me explain some interesting matter in teaching a child.

Do you thing that a child will like to sit in a place and learn something? He never does it. But the thing what we have to do is we should change ourselves like babies. We should roam with them and teach them whatever they watch. We should start from grandparent to the thing what we see. This is the first stage of a child’s education.

Some children quickly catch the name of a thing and speak. Some children may be late to do so. Therefore, each and every parent must understand their child’s need. According to this we should teach them in a proper way. There are a lot of things at our home to teach our child. Start from TV to our doorstep. Definitely they will catch whatever they learn. Don’t think about the time and duration. Do not specially separate the time to teach your child. Whenever you are with your child say something or tell the name of things that they watch. Then they will tell the name of the things and enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to encourage them.

Tell them stories whenever you have time. All children like listening stories. This is a traditional method of teaching too. Show facial expression or body movement while telling them stories. Undoubtedly, it will increase their curiosity. Make them curiosity is an important part of a child’s education. Then ask them to tell the stories. Sometimes they will imitate as you did. Whenever they miss the part of the stories, tell them the part. After telling stories, definitely, they will expect something from you. Don’t forget you wish them as it is very important.

Often take them outside the home. Give some works to their brain. For example, if you take them to park, ask them what can you see the things in green. Make some questions like what are things here start with the letter A, the things in box shape, etc. if they find to difficult to tell them you start to tell them.

When they start schooling, go to next step. Every day ask them about school, the works they did in the school. They will interestingly start to tell something that they did or heard in the school. You too listen to them interestingly. If they tell something they did in the school tell some words like ‘good’ or ‘good work’.

Whenever they make mistake, it is better to tell them correct one rather than telling ‘it is wrong’. Our child is in our hand. It is our responsibility to teach our child and make them educated one in the future.


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