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Parents note, children are swallowing lithium batteries causing very serious health problems

Updated on December 8, 2011

Check your electronic, musical greeting cards and talking books.

Lithium batteries, the small round flat button looking batteries, are causing injuries and death in children. These batteries are becoming more and more used in all types of household electronics, kid’s toys, and even talking greeting cards and talking children books. They have become very common in just about every household and can be found in almost every room, from TV controls, toys, books, cards, and etc.

Experts show an alarming increase in injuries and deaths in just the last five years. It is reported 3400 injuries including deaths occurred just this past year. It is expected these numbers will only increase as manufactures and electronic gadget companies compete to make the smallest and most powerful products, all requiring these types of batteries.

Greeting card companies and children book publishers are finding talking books to be a hit with even babies before they are able to talk. The batteries are shinny and may appear attractive to little ones to place in their mouths. Once ingested they can lodge in the esophagus, heat up and actually burn holes through and into other organs.

Parents may not readily realize what the child has ingested as most initial signs and symptoms mimic a common stomach flu with the child vomiting and loosing appetite. Even medical professionals may miss diagnosis, unless an x-ray is taken to see the battery or batteries.

As X-rays are not required to treat the flu, children can be sent home and end up with very serious medical issues, before anyone actually discovers what has occurred. By then irreversible and permanent damage may have taken place with even more serious life threatening complications.

If you have a child showing flu like symptoms, do a quick check for electronic items with the battery compartments open, or cards and books where they have been torn open exposing the electronic device. Notify medical professionals immediately with your concerns that the child may have swallowed a lithium battery.


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