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Parrot-Like Children

Updated on October 26, 2017

My Pet Turtle

So I'm sure you're wondering why I have the word "parrot" in my main title, while I have "turtle" in my subtitle. I mean what does a colorful, loud bird have to do with a slow, quiet turtle? Well, when I was younger, I had a turtle that acted like a parrot. He would imitate my brother's actions. If my brother would raise his head, then so would our turtle. He had quite a personality as his own actions would take on that of a human. In the same way, children look up to adults and strive to mimic their movements, their words, and their actions.

Copy Cats

Even from a young age, children repeat the actions that they witness. They follow by example and there are a lot of examples that they can choose from. Children receive so much daily input so you want to make sure that what they take in from you, counts! Also, they probably listen to much more of your conversations than you think they do or than you want them to. I've had a few kids tell me things about their parents that they probably did not intend on having their kids hear, or me. So there is a negative side about children wanting to mimic everything they see, but there is also a positive side. There is so many morals and values that can be instilled in a child simply because their parents set a great example of how to love others. Children can learn that love is an action, it's not just a phrase you say when you want things to get better.

Help Yourself to Help Them!

No one's perfect. Everyone has flaws that they wish would just go away. Everyone has certain weaknesses that seem to be more of a struggle for them than for anyone else. But children watch how you react to those weaknesses. They see if you get down on yourself and get into despair. They also witness what happens when you have a can-do attitude and get back up again after you fall. The choice is yours. I've seen how children even react differently to different attitudes that teachers have in the classroom. It's amazing how children can even sense that something isn't right and how they feed off of that energy. In a way, they know that you are more focused on an issue other than them and they know that they can get away with more when your focus is shifted. Also, if they see that you're stressed and worried, they will begin to act that way as well. It's not easy to change actions, but doing so can change you as well as your child. Also, it's a process that takes time. Just as it takes time to learn how to do something, it can also take time to unlearn how to do something. Everyone has something to improve upon. It'll be a challenge to change but it will be worth it to be someone that your kids will proudly mimic.


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