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Pathway Readers-Old Fashioned -Arithmetic-Spelling-English- Books | Home School | Tutorial Text Books

Updated on August 13, 2012

When parents and children are struggling with home work, you have to wonder if maybe the old fashioned concepts of teaching a child the basic essentials may nee

Growing up in the baby boomer generation we learned the basics of reading, writing, spelling, English, and arithmetic the old fashioned way.

It was a much slower pace so a child could grasp the basic skills of learning before moving on to the next grade levels.

If these very basic skills are not learned early on a child will struggle as more complex lessons are introduced.

As schools are also struggling with budget shortfalls, class sizes have increased and the availability of one on one support for a struggling child has all but almost diminished except for the most cognitive challenged kids.

It is apparent in the number of tutorial third party businesses that are popping up in area strip malls, and the increasing amount of parents who have decided to home school their children, that something must be lacking in the public school systems.

In frustration parents are going back in time to teach as they learned the basics. Some are working with preschool age kids; others are doing so as extra tutorials, while many are opting out and going the home school route.

In doing so finding text books and lesson plans from the early days are very difficult to find. Many parents are utilizing text books and teacher lesson plans from Pathway Publishing.

Yes, there is a company still printing old fashioned text books for teaching the basic learning essentials even in this modern day world.

The text books are designed for preschool and grades 1-8 the most critical periods for a child to grasp the basics. They teach common wholesome themes and moral values using farm and rural living adventures that were also used in text books during those earlier times.

Pathway Readers are actually published for the Amish self-sustaining communities. They use refreshing Christian based themes but do not promote religion, Amish beliefs or their way of life. Just simple 2 + 2 and Dick and Jane type lessons, which the baby boom and prior generations grew up with.

Pathway Readers For Grades 1-8:

  • Pathway Arithmetic-Spelling-English Books
  • Grade 1 "Learning How to Read"
  • Grade 2 "Busy Times"
  • Grade 3 "New Friends"
  • Grade 4 "Building Our Lives"
  • Grade 5 "Living Together"
  • Grade 6 "Step by Step"
  • Grade 7 "Seeking True Value"
  • Grade 8 "Our Heritage"
  • Home School Teacher Tips For Creative Learning

Pathway Readers and teacher lesson plans are packaged for each grade level and are available at Cottage Craft Works .com


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