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Peaceful Mom

Updated on December 29, 2016

Feeling at peace

Do you ever have moments of feeling completely peaceful, that feeling that everything is as it should be? I have been a stay at home mom for about two years now. It has been a challenge. At first it was just me and the newborn at home and then we decided to take our 3 year old out of daycare when the baby was about 8 months old. I have been home with both kids for about a year now. I quickly found a routine that enabled me to keep up with laundry and give both children a lot of my attention. I found a way to balance it all. I even took them with me for runs in the double stroller and got some exercise in.

But now I'm feeling a little like the boys need to get back into daycare. I feel like the baby is a little sweetheart, but he's really gotten to be a momma's boy and is really afraid of people. He needs that interaction with others that are not me. My older son flat out told me that he misses going to daycare so that's not an issue. I am finding that I am nervous about sending the baby to daycare, but I also am feeling that it will be good for him to branch out. So how do we make that happen?

Work more hours

I have been working at a surgery center for over a year, one day a week just to make a little extra money for groceries etc. and to get out of the house. Believe it or not, being a stay at home mother can get a little old being in the same four walls day after day. It feels a bit like groundhog day after a while...

After approaching my boss about potentially increasing my hours, I was immediately hugged and asked to please consider. I have to admit, that a warm request like that was everything I needed to make my decision. So after lengthy discussions with my husband, we decided that my working 3 days a week instead of 1 and the boys going to daycare was going to be good for me, as a nurse and good for the boys.

So we started calling daycares that are close to our home, and ones that our friends and neighbors were using. After seeing one that's very conveniently located, our minds were made up. We went out for a celebratory margarita. The place was big and magical. The boys both loved it. The baby even walked off with another baby to play. He walked away from me. He's normally clinging to me for dear life when we are in a new place. It felt right. That's all that matters. So the paperwork was completed, our deposit was sent in, the fun is about to begin.

Leaving my kids

Thankfully, I will be working very early hours for the entire first month at least. So my husband will be in charge of dropping the boys off before he heads in to work. That is the hardest part to me... walking away from them. So, that burden will not be on my shoulders to bear which will definitely help me to cope with the change.


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