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Pedicure Manicure: Perfect Mother and Daughter Day Out

Updated on August 9, 2010

A pedicure manicure day can provide the perfect day out for mothers and daughters. A pedicure manicure day provides lots of pampering and time to talk. Here are some tips to plan your perfect pedicure manicure day.

1. Choose a salon.

Choosing the right salon can be an important factor in making your day out extra special. You may have a salon that you frequent where you feel comfortable, know the beauty specialists, and are likely to see friends. However, if you are not accustomed to going to a particular salon, ask friends for recommendations. Consider the price, location, services, and availability of appointments at several salons. Some larger nail salons have a large number of seats for pedicure manicures, while some beauty salons that primarily provide hair services only have one or two seats for pedicure manicures. Make sure that the salon of your choice can accommodate you and make appointments for both of you.

2. Choose your services.

Once you have chosen the perfect salon and arrived, you will want to choose what kind of pedicure manicure you want. Choose your nail color, whether you want French tips, and any extra decoration (like small flowers or jewels). Be sure that you both get your pedicures and manicures at the same time and in close proximity so you can chat while you are pampered! Most salons also provide televisions and magazines for entertainment. Also be sure to wear sandals so you don’t smudge your pedicure on your way out.

3. Do lunch.

All that pampering will work up an appetite, so why not have lunch while you’re out to show off your fabulous nails? Plan this into your day when scheduling your pedicure manicure appointment. Some salons even provide gourmet meals in-house, so consider this if there is this type of salon nearby. Make lunch reservations if it is likely to be crowded.

4. Consider Pedicure Manicure Nights at Home

If you have been under stress and the idea of going out is tiring, having a pedicure manicure night at home can be a great option for a mother-daughter “day in” that will leave you refreshed—particularly when combined with a movie and snacks. If this appeals to you, gather all the supplies needed and give each other pedicure manicures. For the complete spa experience, consider investing in an at-home spa kit which includes a hot tub with massage mechanisms for your feet. For your at home spa day, make dinner together afterwards too!

Image Credit: brandi666, Flickr


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  • profile image

    Suzzy Nail 6 years ago

    I love the idea about mother and daughter hanging up together. My personal favourite is when me and my mother spend some time at SPA just relaxing and talking :)

  • Sinea Pies profile image

    Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

    Love this hub! I work in a school and a couple of the moms have planned "spa days" for their little girls' birthdays. They had so much fun. Voted up.

  • drvosjeca profile image

    drvosjeca 6 years ago

    short, but nice hub... I like the idea about mother-daughter day

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