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Students and their Cell Phones at School

Updated on July 1, 2015

Phones at School

Bringing cell phones at school is fine in my opinion so long as the students were taught on its proper use and the reason why they have to bring it. This is where parents and teachers should come into the picture. If you see as a parent that your child is responsible enough to have a cell phone then it's okay to have him/her bring it to school. This serves a lot of purpose anyway. Kids should be reminded that while at school their phones should only be used to contact their parents or guardians, and for emergency cases. They should also be told that they need to inform their teachers prior to using their phones. Of course, they should only be allowed to bring their phones if the school allows it. Some schools have strict policies when bringing or using cell phones.

Steps in making your kids ready to bring cell phones at school...

First, kids should know what cell phones are for. We need to educate our kids about the importance of cell phones and why they were created. We can tell them that it's simply made for us to easily communicate anytime and anywhere (as long as signal is available).

Second, kids need to know the value of cell phones. This is letting your kids know that a cell phone as a device is costly and to keep its services is more costly. By telling the kids on how much it is to maintain a cell phone and its services, they will realize how valuable it is, and will take care of it as well. It would also help if you show them the actual figure by letting them see the paper bill.

Third, teach them on how to take care of their cell phone so it won't get damaged easily, and won't get lost or stolen. You can also give them accessories like cell phone case, protector, etc.

Fourth, hand them over the responsibility. Let them think that it's their own personal property, and that they need to protect.

Fifth, teach them on how to properly use it. By letting them know what are the "Phonethics" (phone ethics), they will be aware on when and how to use their cell phones properly. Phonethics include turning their phones in mute or vibrating mode when class is on; ask permission from their teacher/professor before using their cell phones to answer an important call; do not use their phones if class is on; etc.

Role of the Adults

Some schools allow their students to bring phones at school with certain restrictions. It is important that both the student and parents or guardians understand what these restrictions are. They also need to agree at the terms and should have a good understanding on the reason behind those restrictions.

For some schools I know, they would let their students bring phones but they have to surrender them in the administration office. If in case the student needs to use his or her phone, he or she would go to the office and let the school authorities know that he/she needs to use it due to a valid reason. If the student would receive a call or message, he/she will be informed. The phone will be logged during the time of deposit and will sign off as well upon claiming.

This kind of agreement between the school, students, and their parents or guardians will create a harmonious and organized relationship, which will promote a win-win between all parties. Treat the kids as grown-ups by making them feel like one. Make them feel the responsibility of bearing a gadget as opposed to restricting them to use those ready technology at all. Sell the benefits and highlight the harmful effects of modern technology regularly. Constant reminder and open communication will help make things work. So instead of telling our kids that they should not bring phones at school period, why not say bring your phone because it is your way to contact me in case you need anything, given that the school permits it. If in case the school does not allow, let your child know that why and sell it.

Take a Stand

Are you in favor that students can bring their cell phones at school?

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    • profile image

      omar green 7 years ago

      yes students should be allowed to carry their cell phones to school but measures should be inplace as to what extent por enemples you may be able to carry the phone to school but able to use during class hour ok hit me up on facebook at

    • profile image

      umm guy 7 years ago

      i agree with this article

    • profile image

      mychonny man guy 7 years ago

      =[:D] haha messed up bunny face thing

    • profile image

      jack ask 7 years ago

      wow fuzzy balls with big balls random

    • profile image

      umm someguy 7 years ago

      fuzzy balls

    • profile image

      some guy 7 years ago

      i am iron man touching little kids with my hand

    • profile image

      syrborn 9 years ago

      kids should not bring their phones to school they still will abuse them by texting and cheating on tests ect.

    • JKSophie profile image

      JKSophie 9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for the comment :-)

    • dineane profile image

      dineane 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Good advice, and I agree - no harm in having them at school as long as they know the rules of use.