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Picking the Right Baby Names for Boys

Updated on November 12, 2010

What To Consider before Picking Baby Boy Names

Obviously the name has to be perfect. It has to reflect both personality and individuality but that is not necessarily all. You may also want to choose a baby name that meshes well with the last name, is uncommon, honors a loved one or has a strong meaning.

  • Are you naming him after somebody else?
  • Does meaning matter?
  • What personality does the name make you envision?
  • Do you want a common name?


A Mother's Intuition

You have this precious little baby growing inside of you and that creates a nearly unbreakable bond between mother and child. You feel every turn, stretch and kick - you can picture your babies mood and a sense of personality just by the level of activity you feel.

Don't be afraid to use this intuition to assist you in picking out names for your baby boy.

21. Luke

22. Malachi

23. Mark

24. Matthew

25. Micah

26. Michael

27. Nathaniel

28. Nicholas

29. Noah

30. Paul

31. Peter

32. Reuben

33. Samson

34. Samuel

35. Seth

36. Timothy

37. Tobiah

38. Uriah

39. Vincent

40. Zacchaeus

40 Biblical Names for Boys

  1. Abel

  2. Abraham

  3. Adam

  4. Andrew

  5. Bartholomew

  6. Benedict

  7. Cyrus

  8. Daniel

  9. David

  10. Elijah

  11. Emmanuel

  12. Ezekiel

  13. Gabriel

  14. Isaiah

  15. Jeremiah

  16. Jesus

  17. Joel

  18. John

  19. Jonathan

  20. Joshua


16. Ezra

17. Jake

18. Jerry

19. Kelly

20. Leonard

21. Max

22. Morgan

23. Neal

24. Richard

25. Roger

25 Strong Names for Boys

  1. Ajay

  2. Alex/Alexander

  3. Amir

  4. Andre

  5. Andrew

  6. Audrey

  7. Ben

  8. Bogart

  9. Brutus

  10. Chale

  11. Christopher

  12. Clint

  13. Donovan

  14. Duke

  15. Ethan

26. Angel

27. Xavier

28. Michael

29. Mason

30. Ryan

31. Kylar

32. Julian

33. Owen

34. Gabriel

35. Christopher

36. Bryan

37. Daniel

38. Marshall

39. Aspen

40. Jaden

41. Kai

42. Liam

43. Blake

44. Dakota

45. Damian

46. Aaric

47. Preston

48. Zane

49. Josiah

50. Keegan

Popular and Uncommon Boy Names

1. Aidan 

2. Kaden 

3. Matthew 

4. Logan 

5. Christian 

6. Tyler 

7. Gavin 

8. Brandon

9. Caleb 

10. Hunter

11. Cameron

12. Dylan

13. Brayden

14. Alex

15. Blake

16. Cooper

17. Chase

18. Brayden

19. Tristan

20. Dominic

21. Austin

22. Connor

23. Luke

24. Anthony

25. Justin

How to Make Common Baby Names for Boys - Not so Common

  • Change the spelling. i.e.a's instead of e's - Aidan/Aiden, K's instead of C's- Kolton/Colton or get creative: Michael/Mikael

You may be surprised to see how much of a difference something so simple can make.


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    • GetInTheKnow profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I love your name and I love the name Arian Rey. Around here (WA state) you don't hear those names which makes them "unique" and exactly the type of names I"m drawn too.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 

      7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Yay, my name is not included. -_-! I liked the name Arian Rey. Arian for the supreme race (Aryan) and Rey for king. BTW, my true name is Ireno (male version of Irene, meaning peace or peacemaker). Maybe, I'm living up to that name, although always mistaken as Ireneo since elementary grades. :D


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