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Picky Eaters

Updated on August 1, 2010

Picky Eaters for a reason or not

You are perhaps reading this because your children are indeed picky eaters. Despite what you may think, picky eating is a common occurence in children and if you recall being young is not that out of the ordinary.

Most children are fussy or picky eaters form an early age, but will tend to outgrow the picky eating habits with age. Picky eating usually stops around the age of 10 years in most kids as they become more independent in their food choices.

Being a picky eater into adulthood is attributed to multiple facets of health and only in minor cases that of mental disorder and symptom reflective. Deciding what you eat and when to eat is a large part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

How to handle picky eaters

From a childrens perspective, being a picky eater is not a problem unless it is accompanied by a temper tantrum. This is obviously reactive as children easily get the notion that by creating irritation, the solution that presents itself will be dismissal from the table. Thus, problem solved in the childs mind.

The ability to monitor the maintain a steady eating time si more important than how much is eaten. If the child is a picky eater during dinner time, it is in most cases attributed to an activity that they wish to get back to or to the meal that was had on return from the school day.

This leads to two scenarios.

The first scenario is a change in the size of the meal or snack upon their return from school.

The second scenario is the activity distraction in the home.

Small changes in habit regarding the snack size, making changes to the quantity of food to be digested before dinner, or the time allocated to TV or games is beneficial to correcting the picky eaters habits.

On an odd occasion picky eaters are not happy with the type of food offered, but mostly it is due to the digestion in children not being as quick as adults.

My kids are picky eaters - help!

picky eaters
picky eaters

Small changes for picky eaters diets

These small changes to a childrens diet should slowly eliminate the need to be a picky eater. A picky eater does not necessarily have to eat unhealthily, so rather plan smaller snack type meals that are high in the essential vitamins and minerals required for a growing child.

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