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Picky Toddler

Updated on August 31, 2015

We started out well...

When Sam turned 1 we started feeding him solid, real, adult people food. He was really great, at first.

He ate whatever we gave him. His diet was healthy. He was doing so great!

Then little by little he has become so difficult to feed real food. We've really gotten creative. Not in the sense where you make faces on sandwiches or any of that jazz. We have resorted to feeding him frozen vegetables and fruit. And trail mix. If we didn't feed him these things his diet would consist of yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese sticks. Yes, each meal would have at least one of those types of foods included. He loves vacuums. We have gone as far as having him pretend he's a vacuum so he will suck up his food. I am not kidding. This tactic lasted approximately two meals in its entirety. We can't even get this child to eat pizza. What is wrong with him? What is wrong with us?

Truthfully I have no idea how to remedy this situation. We just take every opportunity we can to feed him healthy foods that are not in semi-liquid form. He happens to enjoy the breaded fish that his grandmother makes for him: so at least we have that. We can't wait for the day that we can just make him a grilled cheese, or if we're thinking really far outside the box..whatever we are eating. Why he'll eat frozen vegetables instead of cooked ones is beyond me. He eats these foods most of the time at daycare, but refuses at home. He used to love fresh blueberries. Now they must be frozen. I will happily buy him said frozen fruits and vegetables if that is how we have to play the game.

What age do they stop being so incredibly picky?


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