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Updated on March 7, 2016

As my little toddler aka Michelangelo, flips from the sofa to the floor with his nun-chucks in hand, half shell on his back and an orange Zorro like mask on his face. "Aj come sit down for dinner." On his TMNT plate lays mac & cheese, one baked chicken leg and green beans. He slowly walks to the table, already disgusted by the thought of eating. "come on it's so yummy" I try persuade with excitement. He's never amused or fooled. The same routine occurs every evening. Ending 2 hours later with Aj sitting at the table screaming because he despises anything that's not in the shape of a triangle, with red sauce, gooey cheese and round pepperoni's (they have to be round). Eventually going to bed without eating. I've discussed with the doctor and he says "if he's hungry enough he'll eat". I was so desperate for him to eat. I tried everything and once I realized he liked became a staple in our house. Not saying that's all he eats but it's 1 out of 6 things he eats. His last appoint resulted in another appointment to see a nutritionist. How to do you force a toddler to eat? I haven't figured that out yet. Sigh! The struggle of trying to get your picky one to eat, especially when he thinks he's Michelangelo.


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