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Pink Baby Stollers

Updated on January 26, 2012
Pink Britax B Ready Stroller
Pink Britax B Ready Stroller

Sweet Pink Strollers

Is a pink stroller color best for your baby? If it is a girl, there is no doubt that the most 'girly' color would be a pink stroller. Most moms can vision their newborn baby as a sweet princess in a delicate 'Barby' pink stroller. Picking a pink stroller may be the first choice for a baby girl.

But if it is a first baby, and you are thinking of a bigger family and plan to have one or two more children, than buying a pink stroller as a first stroller, may not be such a good idea. financially speaking, when planning a family one must look 3-5 years ahead.

Before you Buy A Pink Stroller

Planning what you buy wisely can save you thousands of dollars in the next 3 years.

For example if you buy a pink Britax B-Ready Stroller, and the next baby is a boy, you will have buy another stroller. Not to many parents will place a baby boy inside a pink stroller.

Another example is when buying a folding portable mini crib instead of a convertible crib. A baby folding crib may be cheaper at the short term, but within one or two years, the toddler will need a larger bed to sleep in. A Convertible 4-in-1 baby crib may be a better and cheaper furniture to buy.

Cheap Pink Strollers

There are some quite cheap pink strollers, these can be used to walk with a toddler girl. These strollers cost less than $100, and they will probably will not last more than 1-2 years. Having a pink stroller for a toddler girl makes more sense.

The girl at the age of 2-3 will be aware of the pink color. She may like it and have this color associated with other pink stuff she may have by that time. A 0-12 month baby cares less of the pink color.

So before you buy a pink stroller, you may want to ask.. Is the pink stroller being bought for the baby or for the mother?

Britax B Ready Colors


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