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How to engage Kids in the kitchen during Free time

Updated on October 9, 2015
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How we can make best use of children's talent during vacations.

Showing kids their way around the kitchen and help them learn healthy eating habits that would last for a lifetime This is the theme of putting kids to work in the kitchen .

Getting the kids busy in the kitchen would be great fun for children as well as parents .It would surprise you that kids can be so interested in cooking art ,they would seem to be busy bees rushing around the kitchen to do their best .There are great benefits of teaching your young one to cook ,as its a vital skill that is rarely taught in school secondly cooking encourages children to experiment and they often take pride to create something unique,thirdly fussy eaters are more likely to eat healthy food cooked by themselves ,suppose you are baking a cake teach your child how to beat eggs and make the barter and then how to place it in the oven to bake these small thing keep them busy and gradually they will learn to cook too you can ask the child to knead the dough this in other sense give their hand muscle exercise ,beyond this you can teach a child to roll chapatis ,wash and peel the vegetables and chop them .Its great fun to see these small chefs working .In today's world children have to leave home for further studies or for work At that time this art of cooking which they gathered as fun comes to use and they feel grateful that they learnt it when they were young

Prepare to please your kid thus Choose foods that is liked by your kid, and dishes they can make themselves or can help you to prepare it .secondly let your child give it a name. it gives them pride to call the dish in their style.Share the duties within your children while cooking it’s best to involve kids in the activities they enjoy most like:-- menu-planning, shopping or even cutting out grocery coupons from the paper.,laying the table for meals Even very young kids could be engaged and take a responsible role, keep a kitchen drawer filled with toy pots and pans for him to play with while you cook in peace not fearing what the child might be doing outside when you are not present .


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