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Pirate Party Ideas and Treasure Hunt Games

Updated on December 3, 2012
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Carolyn loves having fun with children and knows that children learn better if they're having fun also.

Peg Leg Pete...The Angry Ole Pirate

Planning for a Pirate Party

Pirate themed birthday parties have always been a hit with kids and adults alike. It doesn't take a great deal of effort or expense to make a party fun, one that will be remembered for a long time to come. You just need a few ideas to get you going, and thinking "like a pirate".

Making food "look" like pirate food, adding some "pirate talk" to the invitation, the old time favourite, treasure hunt game and walking the plank. Have your rewards look like treasure chests. Look for ways to make it look like an old pirate ship or maybe have the party venue look like you're in a "cave". If inside, dim the lights a little or use candles for light.

Parties can be very expensive. However, with a bit of prior planning and the right resources, you can produce a fun filled afternoon or evening of entertainment, without it costing heaps.

Following you will find a few things to add to make a fun filled afternoon or evening.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley

Pirate Costumes

Dressing up for the occasion adds to the atmosphere of the occasion, whether it is a party for adults or children.

If you’re even just slightly artistic, you can make your own pirate costume. A Pirate costume need not be complex or difficult; the hardest part is what to do.

Look around in some books for a what a pirate outfit should look like. Use that as your guide as to how to put it together. It is a good place to start, then add whatever bits you choose.

If your not that game, or are short on time, simple pirate costumes can be purchased.

Costumes don't need to be expensive outfits, if you take some time to look around, you will find some very reasonably priced costumes that you would love to wear to the pirate party.

Pirate Party Venue Decorations

Venue decorations play an important role to the party. When thought through carefully beforehand, pirate decorations and props will leave a lasting impression. Among the essentials in this party theme are the pirate ship, treasure chests, treasures maps and swords. Instead of actually building a ship, the house or room that will serve as the venue could be transformed into the ship’s cabin. Decorate the entrance to the venue to look like you are entering the doorway to the ship's cabin. Posters, drawings, or paintings can be placed on the walls, windows, or the door to help achieve this effect. If using balloons, choose colors that match in with the theme.

The Pirate Party Invitation

The invitation is very important in the planning of your pirate party.

Invitations should convey more than just informing guests of the party details and that costumes will be required. It sets the scene for what is to come. Use invitations that look like they came from a pirate.

Invitations can be in the form of a treasure map and rolled up, then tied up with a piece of string, a message placed in a bottle or a mini treasure chest.

If you want to make your invitations look authentic, try soaking them in coffee for a while. This will give an aged look. Let the paper completely dry before writing or printing on them. You can also very carefully burn around the a great look!

Pirate Party Games

A pirate party wouldn’t be complete without having the famous pirate treasure hunt.

Use one that encourages your guests to interact as they hunt for clues and completing challenges that will eventually lead them to the pirate’s treasure.

Look for ways to make the final clue the highlight of the hunt, and the guests will remember the fun they had for a long time to come.

Plan enough games to keep everyone involved and make sure they are age related.

Look for games that include pirate terms, such as walking the plank, sink the enemy, pop the cannonball, swap the decks, or jewel pickup.

Pirate Party Food

It can be fun choosing which pirate party food you will use for your occasion. Finding the right food can add a heap of fun to the party. Use pirate terms for your food, such as calling drinks or punch “grog”, or dinner “grub”. Cakes can be made in the form of a pirate or ship.
So take time to plan your pirate party, and it can be a fun filled event, remembered by your guests for a long time.

What is the most important part in planning for a Pirate Party?

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Making Your Fantastic, Super Simple Pirate Cake

Been to a Pirate Party? What did you enjoy the most?

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