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Planning for the establishment of a family in the current epoch of generational changes

Updated on February 23, 2015

Life in the current century is a depiction of various twists in many areas. Our mothers and fathers and grandparents that died before the age of, Instangram and MySpace among other transformation in the technological divide would be met with a different world. That is, if they were to be raised back to life.

Without any qualms, various ways of doing things have been greeted by some sorts of paradigm shifts. From the way people package their faith to the way they express their love. The lovers of traditional orders are just wallowing in nostalgia because things have changed.

Recently, I compiled an article that covered the dramatic changes in the church. It spoke of how people have changed the norms of faith in the church to befit the contemporary lifestyles. There are myriad of factors that contribute to the changes in lifestyles. These factors seem to have made people to tailor their living with a view of trying to fit in the society. As a result, certain values and norms in social life may have been lost.

One of the areas that may have been affected by this is marriage. Young people have lost the urgency of starting families. As it appears currently, there is no hurry to have a spouse who can commit to a relationship and pave way for marriage and commencement of families. This situation can be tied to many factors.


For obvious reasons, every person is entitled to education. In the developed countries though, the rise of awareness for the girl-child education bore fruits as many females have acquired education to the best limits. Gone are the days that young girls would be dished out to older men in the name of promised dowry.

The women of today are empowered and they know their legal privileges and are aggressive enough. However, this may have come with another queer result. That the woman of today is focused on academics means that marriage to them is secondary. It is a mere milestone that comes in early 30s. Some men on the other hand are forced to employ the ‘roaming’ antic under the backdrop of an alibi that ‘there is no marriage-material woman’.

The Media and Pop Culture

The media has undergone numerous changes. With the advanced technology in place that is characterized by social media sites, human perception of social issues have changed to something that looks informal. This has been manifested in the fact that the unmarried men and woman are even taking their hunt to the online dating sites. The situation as it appears easily triggers ‘hook-ups’ based on ‘hire and fire’ because these men and women have little chemistry.

Much is added by the pop culture that is packaged and wrapped in modernity. The new cultures run deeper. They can be described by the types of music, sports and dressing. Do they give any honour to the establishment of the traditional family? Of course not!

Young people have been submerged into the feeling that making up the traditional family and a matrimonial home is nothing to be assigned a priority. Accumulating wealth to them comes on top but even relationship pundits would agree that money is just the fuel and oil for the vehicle which is marriage.

There are various reasons why young unmarried people who are still contemplating getting married should plan their lives.

Planning one’s social life and focusing on marriage allows one to plan for the children and his or her spouse’s life. It is also possible to say that marrying at the right time-by mid 20s for women and lately early 30s for men can satisfy the societal expectation. The parents can get to their grandchildren, interact and pass on their knowledge to them at the right time.

There are key or pertinent things that young men should seek to address to be able to have a well-timed family. This is family that grows when the mother and the father are in their prime ages and strength.

Marrying the right person at the right time

As a young person aspiring to have a family, marrying the right person can along some hidden fruits. Imagine battling divorce cases and having partial custodianship of your children? Obviously, people may be oblivious to the events of the future because some are unpredictable, but having someone you are compatible with is a step miles away towards success. It is about settling with someone with whom you share a lot in terms of religious faith, likes, and dislikes personality and financial aspirations.

This can be coupled with marrying at the right. This implies marrying at the right age. Not so early and not very late. That can allow one to plan for the raising of the children upon their birth.

Embracing entrepreneurial culture and investing

A thrust into family life would call for consciousness across many areas. It requires the married couple to limit wastage and channel their earnings to income generating project. Such can come in the forms of purchasing homes or building apartments as long-term investment strategies.

Limiting extensive use of social media and focusing on building family

If the man or the woman was a darling of the social media, there is need for him or her to relinquish the habit to focus on building structures to establish a robust family. Spending time with your wife or husband and children would play magic rather than spending time talking with faceless characters in the sites.


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