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Playing in the rain with my daughters.

Updated on October 22, 2012

Protecting and Enjoying playtime with my kids with my wife.

It's amazing how nowadays kids turn to technologies for killing time and fun. I remember growing up in the 80's and 90's, I would go outside and visit my friends or just go for a walk in B.C. Street in Okinawa, Japan. My friend and I would play sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. We wouldn't care about winning or losing because it's all about having fun and keeping ourselves occupied with laughter and fellowship. When I came back to the states in 1995 from Okinawa, I stopped playing sports. Either I was told it was dangerous to have fun in America or I was to busy getting my education.

What got me to have fun again and to bring out the "kid" out of myself ? My wife. She was the answer to my prayer and to renew my youth in my heart. When I was dating my wife, she would take me for a walk down to the creek near her home and we'll just enjoy the water and admire God's nature that He created for us. Then that time the "kid" in my heart started to come out slowly but it wasn't until after we got married and our firstborn daughter was born, I felt restricted because I became a father. As a father, I wanted to keep my child from all the dangers and evilness that can harm my child. Then we had three more children. Fatherhood took over my mind and influenced my heart to be the best protector for my family. My wife felt concerned and wonder why I wouldn't play with them outside and I explained my reasons with her. My wife, being a country lady, have always told me that I need to allow my kids to explore and appreciate the God's nature. She have always wanted our children to be kids, not "growing up fast" kind of kids. So I stepped back. I looked at the bigger picture and told myself, "I am an idiot". Why did I called myself that? I told my wife that the children should enjoy life. Enjoy their childhood as much as possible. God didn't give me children to educate or to train them as "servants". God wants me to bring them up in the ways of the Lord. The Lord is Love, compassion, full of joy, and full of life.

Today, my wife and I went outside with the kids in the RAIN! Oh how fun it was! We, my wife and I, played basketball and my kids played with the neighbor's kids, and I can see their smiles and laughter. My kids get to be spunky and full of life. They get to use their imaginations and creativity that enables them to make up their own plays and games. I love to watch them! It brings me such joy to see them happy.

"What about protection?" Well, that's why I am out there with them. If I needed to do something, my wife would take my spot. We as parents should participate with the kids as much as we should. We are the responsible adults that protect the children and because of our protection for them, they are able to enjoy the fun and life without worries. The world for them would be much better when they know that they have responsible adults looking out of them.

It is a similar situation with God when it comes to His children. He wants us to be full of life, to enjoy life and to be wise in what we do. He wants to protect us from anything that will harm us in life, whether spiritual or physical. Like Psalms 34:11-14. He wants us to have many good days, to do good, to refrain from evil and to pursue peace. He wants us to listen to Him and to follow His instructions. Just like we want our children to see good days, to do good things, to refrain from evil doings, and to pursue peace by listening to us and our teachings. Proverbs 22:6 mentions to train your child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. God is good!


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