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Pneumococcal Vaccine in the Philippine Setting (Yes Expensive and Yet so IMPORTANT!)

Updated on April 25, 2014

Why Need to Get the IPD Vaccine/ Pneumococcal Vaccine?

As we all know, different vaccines are very important for babies. This is one of the most effective ways to protect and keep them from serious diseases like pneumonia (lung problem), meningitis (brain problem), bacteremia (blood stream problem), sinusitis (sinusitis membrane problem), otitis media (ear problem) and other infectious diseases around us. Since the immune system of our babies are still in the process of developing, we really need to invest on this even if its expensive.

Most moms in the Philippines has doubts if the IPD vaccine is really important for their babies. Since this vaccine is one of the most expensive vaccines in the country and the government cannot cover the costs, most of them ask other moms about it through online forums. It has become a culture for other moms to ask through online forum before getting this vaccine for their babies.

IPD vaccine should be given as early as 2 months. According to studies, this vaccine will protect the baby from getting infections that were mentioned earlier. This immunization has 3 shots and a booster. The price of each shot is ranging from 3,500-5,000 pesos (85- 120 US dollars). Parents need to spend around 14,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos (325 -426 US dollars) to complete this.

IPD vaccine is only an option for them since most of them only earn enough each month. An average Filipino employee has a minimum wage of 446 pesos in an 8 hour job. This will give them around 13,380 pesos excluding miscellaneous expenses such as daily allowance for food and transportation. In addition to this, most Filipinos need to pay monthly basic bills like electricity, house rentals and water.

With this kind of situation, some parents end up waiting for their babies to reach the age of 3 so that they can just get the IPD / pneumococcal vaccine for 1 shot which cost them around 3500 to 5000 pesos excluding the professional fee of the pediatrician.

Based on my experience, my baby boy is turning 5 months this coming December 3, 2012. His pediatrician suggested to have the vaccine this month but we decided to schedule his IPD vaccine on January 2013. By then, he is already 6 month.

To make way for the expenses for his baptism and holiday season, we decided to delay the immunization. He will be receiving the sacrament of baptismal two weeks from now so we have a lot of expenses for this event. To top it all, we are trying to save money for celebrating Christmas season.

I personally regret our decision to delay the immunization for my baby. Our baby boy is experiencing coughs and colds right this very moment.This made me think if he had his IPD vaccine done earlier, maybe he is not experiencing this severe coughs and colds. And now, I am very worried that this might result to bronchitis or pneumonia. The doctor said that he needs to finish 7 days of nebulae 3 times a day. This will help him breathe properly.

It really break our hearts when we see our baby coughing hard with slight fever.

I know it's late but I just realized that you cannot delay important things especially when it comes to health.


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    • profile image

      How much this vaccine 22 months ago

      how much this vaccine

    • profile image

      How much maam 22 months ago

      How po maam

    • profile image

      nica06 2 years ago

      im confused also, most of my family member alwas got sick like this. from childen to adults also, some of them have been in opeation bcoz of water in lungs.. do i need to do it or what? please help.

    • profile image

      near 3 years ago

      am i going to take that vaccine for my son??? i am confused now.

    • jule729 profile image

      jule729 4 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. There maybe some factors that leads to the sickness. I agree with what you have said about the effectiveness of the vaccine. As a mom, we can only hope and pray that these vaccines, medicines and doctors are all in good shape to keep our babies away from sickness. :)

    • profile image

      Vevs 4 years ago

      i understand your point.. but im having second thought now coz my 6mos old baby boy just finished his 3 doses of IPD.. 1st one was p3,500, then 2nd shot is still P3,500.. but his last shot, 3rd dose, was increased to P3,800... he had his last shot last Jan. 11, 2014.... but 2weeks after he had cough and later turn into acute bronchitis... im really wondering why? or maybe the vaccine didn't take effect right away.. just saying... :)


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