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Podee Bottles - The Most Useful Bottle in the World

Updated on February 15, 2007

I can't imagine that many of you have heard of podee bottles. These are an American brand of bottle which are imported into the UK. They are a fantastic design which is far more flexible than normal baby bottles.

They have a system of tubes, on from the bottle to the teat and one from the top of the bottle into the liquid in the bottle. This creates a vacuum and allows the bottles to be used in an upright position. This means that the baby can feed sitting up in a highchair, in a supermarket trolley, in a car seat, in a pram or anywhere else. The great thing about the design is that the bottle can either be propped up somewhere or hung onto something using the holder and there is no need for anyone to hold the bottle for them.

I have found this amazingly useful with my twins. When I was first alone with them they were always hungry at the same time. I used to feed one baby an ounce then the next one and ounce then back to the first etc. It meant that I always had one baby crying and then I had to try to wind them both at once. With these bottles I could just hold the teat in their mouths and let them feed sitting in their bouncy chairs and I had free hands to wind them when necessary.

It was also very useful when out and about. With a double pushchair I can not fit in the doorways of many cafes in my local town. But using this system I did not need to. As I always used the milk at room temperature, there was no nee dto heat it - just pop the required amount of powder in the bottle of cooled boiled water and shake it up and feed in the buggy. Easy and no need to even stop for more than a few minutes.

Now they are older they can grab the teat themselves and pop it in their own mouth. We are not restricted time wise when we go out as they feed in the pushchair or car.

The deisgn of the bottles is also supposed to help prevent colic as much less air gets into the babys tummy due to the vacuum created by the tube system.

The bottles are easy to clean, they come with tiny bottlebrushes to clean them and they are easily sterilized in cold water. You can buy replacement teats and tubes as they do wear out and my babies tend to bite the tubes and have bitten through one of them.

I started using these when the twins were 6 weeks and now they are 11 months and we are still using them very sucessfully


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