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Poetry for kids

Updated on May 14, 2015

Poetry for kids

Poetry for kids
Poetry for kids | Source

Baby care

Our children are loved ones and only our hearts, not our lives without them, they wave the minimum innocent laughter and their illustrious which does not want the minimum play, love and compassion, our children are today's children and tomorrow's youth and parents of the future, what we must improve them, and treat them as if we were created for this reason only ... A good education and upbringing that will make them a generation on our prospects, flowers and football fun for parents with children at the first tgrthm her look with no regard to be the parents of the future, at this time we only smile with a warm smile, and teach them the most beautiful words of songs that there certain children generation after generation as a precious heritage of the family cannot be lost.These poems Sung to children are:Song of the blue pen color paints its skies boat sun shines red pen is the color matcher each pen red rose yellow eyes and think about where to place yellowSpring song I am the spring I separate the Badi I dream all I wedding everyone I spring in bird populations make nests in the morning and sing in pleasure filled kindergarten vocal hands Exo orchards green robe in my hand I bring to Aaron breeze alatra Oh wonderful travels between nature delights children.. The singing of the birds I deposit day butterflies, wedding flowers where I walked in. The fragrance wakes up. .. And I dream all I separate the Badi anti springSummer song by a beautiful all summer in the shade I wedding morn and Aaron a. The joys inherent in the evening breezes fills the lower pleasure in the flowers of photophobia engulf the universe ink receiving alangma kallali dreamer, remember me always smiling in the evenings nights holiday trips in varicose veins in the Laugher "stories and anecdotes in mawawil" pastoralists in the morning sea. And Stilton said. And the beautiful and young completed the coast Beach in authentic time in songs "vanguard in blues and fields I Christmas farms and I am the sweetest chapters I beautiful summer I beautiful summer wedding .


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