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Points to be taken care for all round development of the child

Updated on October 16, 2015
Dr Vishal Varia profile image

Dr. Varia is a humble educationist, thinker and contributor in the field of education, parenting and character development.

What is All Round Child Development?

The time period from child’s birth to being a youth is referred to as “Child Stage”. During that stage the changes in the physical, mental and character of a child is referred to as all round development of child.

Types of Child Development

Physical Development of Child:

The proper growth of each and every organ of the body as per the age is referred to as physical development. Along with the growth of the child, the capacity of observing, questioning and grasping increases. When a child can play, run, take care of pencils or object, eat properly as a normal social human being than we consider that physical development of child is in proper direction. Apart from studies child should have interest in different games as it helps in development and growth of the child. Parents should ensure that the child plays different games like, hide and seek, catch me fast (saat tali), fire in the mountain, etc. In short, any game that involves some physical exercise is advisable this will enhance the growth of the Child and the capacity to focus and observe will increase.

  • The following tasks can be done for Physical Development of the Child:
  1. Have a habit of giving proper meals to the child. It should contain all the ingredients necessary for child development. For having such habit; tell short stories to the child while they take the meals. You can also make use of child’s favourite utensils for attracting them towards proper meals.
  2. Make sure that the child takes proper rest and gets sound sleep. For this cultivate a habit of timely sleeping and waking up. This will not only boost the physical development but the child will always remain refreshed and energetic.
  3. Pollution free atmosphere and exercise makes child happy and energetic. So take them to gardens and make them to do running, sliding, and swinging.
  4. In short for physical development; all the organs of the body should get exercise and let the child not develop a stagnant lifestyle.

Child Development Stages

Mental Development of Child:

Capacity to observe, question, grasp, and logical thinking is called mental development of child.

Due to proper Physical Development the development of different sense also takes place due to which the child becomes conscious about following things:

  • To smell: Fragrance and Bad Odor.
  • To listen: Loud Tone - Soft Tone, sounds of music, tunes, speech etc.
  • To taste: Different taste like sour, spicy, tasteless, bitter etc.
  • To Observe: different shapes and size of objects; big, small, long, short, fat, thin etc.
  • To touch: smooth, rough, hot, cold, soft etc.

When the child is able to understand the above differences then it may be said that the MENTAL DEVELOPMENT of the child has started.

In the process of all round development of child, Mental Development is necessary. It includes the capacity to learn new things and concepts, to solve silly problems, art to reply, etc. During the first five years of age the child is more eager to grasp, to remember and to learn new things. The brain development of child in the first five years is about 40% to 50% which is faster than the rest of the life.

  • The following tasks can be done for Mental Development of the Child:
  • COMPARISON: enable the child to make comparison and understand the difference between big – small, long – short, good – bad, etc.
  • CLASSIFICATION: teach the child classification by asking to arrange all the like utensils in one bucket, all the like cloths in one bag, etc.
  • PARING: make the child learn the concept of pairing, e.g. pair of shoes, pair of socks, pair of clothes, etc.

Development of Senses:

There are main five senses in our body which includes, eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. Child learns with the help of these five senses.

  • EYES –to see
  • EAR- to listen
  • NOSE – to smell
  • TONGUE – to taste
  • SKIN – to touch

With the help of above senses the child learns various experiences like dry – wet mud, rough – smooth surface, etc. when the child develops understanding for the above differences we may say that the development of senses is in proper direction.

The following tasks can be done for Mental Development of the Child:

  • Understanding can be developed by showing the rough and smooth surfaces of stone and other objects.
  • Understanding can be developed by giving various experiences to the child. For example Lemon: the shape, size, and taste of lemon can make the child better understand about lemons.

Language Development:

Language is a powerful medium of expressing one self. When a child is able to express the requirements and wants then one can say that the Language Development of the Child has started. With the help of language it is important to teach a child as to how to speak with different people, for example, how to talk respectfully with elders and express feelings in front of them. When a child listens to new words and new sentences the vocabulary of the child develops. Normally a child should know that many words through which he/she can explain the requirements.

The following tasks can be done for Language Development of the Child:

  • By telling the stories and making the series of questions from that story we can develop the language of child. For example, from telling a story of Elephant; we can ask questions like how does the elephant look? What does the elephant eat? Where do the Elephants live? Etc. by this way one can increase the child’s vocabulary.
  • To teach child about alphabet letter and numbers, one can make use of the chart by showing it regularly to the child so that the child becomes familiar with those letters and numbers.
  • The attitude and tone of speaking to an elder can be taught to the child. For example, to wish Good Morning, Good Evening to the elders and to teachers.

Social Development:

The experience that a child learns during childhood has a lasting impression on child’s mind and character. It is important to teach a child the behaviour towards fellow beings right from the childhood. One should try to provide a positive environment where proper thoughts and actions can be developed in the child. It is when a child learns how to behave with people other than family members than it can be said that the social development of the child has started.

The following are included as factors of Social Development:

  • Good Habits: to behave in disciplined manner, to wash hands before taking meals, to speak truth, etc.
  • Proper Behavior: to be a part of the class, to be comfortable in group of people, to extend cooperation and help in small tasks, and to be normally obedient to the elders and teachers.

The following tasks can be done for Social Development of the Child:

  • Take care that the child gets enough isolation when required and also group company e.g. they should do their work alone, play in group, etc.
  • Try to develop an environment where in the child inspires to do the task on his own. E.g. to brush the teeth regularly without anyone’s help, to arrange books in the bag, to get ready for school on his own, etc.

Emotional Development:

Emotional development is related with feelings. In spite of being physically strong, it is important that a child learns to express feelings and emotions normally. Atmosphere, situation and behavior all three effect on the emotions of child. For e.g. If child grows in secure atmosphere then he learns to put faith in himself, if we give respect to him he will also learn to give respect others. We should also teach them sharing. If a child is brought up in friendly environment then he will learn to cooperate and help others. In short, child learns more from environment and behavioral experiences.

Creative Development:

When the child likes and wants to learn new things it is called creative development of child. From the childhood every child has enthusiasm to learn and know new things. It is a duty of every parent to give satisfactory answers of all the questions which is asked by the child which increases skill of imagination in child.

The following tasks can be done for Social Development of the Child:

  • Teach them to make new and different shapes from the boxes, to fold small and big clothes.
  • Teach them to make photo frame, plane, and paper boats from the papers or pamphlets.
  • Teach them to make different shapes like round, square, triangle with the help of mud.

Child Development Tree

With Warm Regards

Hope the above tips are useful. Wish you happy parenting!!!


Dr. Vishal Varia

Tweet: DrVishalVaria


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