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Polka Dot Bow

Updated on October 1, 2010

About the Polka Dot Bow

The polka dot bow has been a popular accessory for many years. From hair tie backs to bow ties this patterned bow is very popular.

The polka dot bow can come in many color patterns. It can contain small polka dots or large polka dots. Some of the popular color combinations for bows is black and white, black and red, and blue and black.

The polka dot bow hair tie back is likely the most popular use of the polka dot bow. This is simply a barrette or hair clip that has been embellished with a bow. From the young to the old a polka dot hair tie back is a unique accessory that goes with almost all outfits.

Uses for the Polka Dot Bow

The polka dot bow can be made from a variety of materials. Some the more popular materials to have one made from is cotton, polyester, silk, and wool. Almost any fabric that can contain the polka dot pattern can be made into a polka dot bow.

The polka dot bow is not often used as an accessory for men except for as a bow tie. A polka dot bow tie can be worn for a variety of occasions and with many different suits. One of the more popular suit materials to wear a polka dot bow tie with is a corduroy suit.

Mini polka dot bows can be used to make a unique accessory for high heeled shoes. they can be placed on the heels of shoes or the front of shoes.

Polka dot bows can also be used to accessorize clothing. A bow placed on the breast of a man or woman can highlight the print or material of an outfit.

When shopping for polka dot bows I have found the best place to shop is online. They can be found in store but for more variety shopping online at or eBay is recommended.


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