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How To Protect Kids Around Pools

Updated on October 7, 2009

Toddlers love pools

Pools are loved by toddlers, but never let your child in a pool unsupervised!
Pools are loved by toddlers, but never let your child in a pool unsupervised!

Children and pools can be a deadly mix. A wearable alarm could make the difference.

Pools are things everyone enjoys.  We exercise in them, socialize around them, and children like to play in them.  Today, many people have pools in their backyards, and many of these families have children or toddlers. 

Pools provide good physical exercise, but they also pose a deadly threat to children.  An accessible pool can be more dangerous than a loaded gun, for your toddler. The gun might eventually go off, but pools offer no warning when a child slips undetected into a pool. 

Families grow and create memories around their pools.  Parties and social events are held around the pool. Exercising in a pool allows most anyone to get a complete full-body workout. Families sit, eat and entertain by their pools.  But, the death of a child is not a memory you want to attain.

If you have small children, or children that have not learned how to swim, a horrible disaster could be lurching in your future.  Children are intrigued by pool toys, and the sight of other children playing and having a great time in the pool.  And, why not?  Laughing, having fun, and playing games in the pool, is the focus of entertainment and family fun.

If you own a pool, perhaps you installed an alarm to keep unsupervised children out of the pool area.  Common pool security consists of installing a fence around the pool perimeter with an alarm that sounds when the pool gate is opened.  But, unfortunately, pool fences and gate alarms do not come cheap.  Or, perhaps you believe you can adequately supervise your children, and no accidents will happen.  But, it only takes a second for a child to fall into the pool and disappear underneat the water's surface.  And, the cries of a child can be silenced by the choking water.  

There are pool alarms that attach to the side of the pool, and work with an electronic sensor. Floating pool alarms sound if the water surface is disturbed enough to set off the alarm. Either of these types of alarms might give better protection than a fence if a child or pet should get into the pool.

But, a wearable alarm might be your best bet.  Each alarm has two units; one is worn by the child and the other piece of the alarm remains with the adult. The signal is adjustable and can be set anywhere from 5 to 30 feet. So, if the child wanders outside the pre-set boundary, a beeping sound will alert the adult. The alarm is worn on a child's wrist, just like a watch, but if the child should fall into the pool an signaling alarm will sound.

Non-pool owners might face even greater potential dangers. Children who don't have access to a pool, or are not good swimmers, are at risk to be injured or worse.  If your child is invited to a birthday party at a home with a pool, can be a worrisome event.  There might be children running, playing and swimming at the party, and it becomes impossible for anyone to maintain a 100% surveillance on each child.

“But, I'm a responsible parent, and I supervise my children,” you say.  Yes, but you might want to read the results from a study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission from research in Florida, Arizona and California.

Who's responsible to supervise a child?

Most pool accidents happen when one or both parents were responsible for supervision.  Fatal pool accidents can happen when someone, other than the parents, were responsible for supervising a child.  Many times, pool accidents happen when sitters were responsible to supervise the child or children.  And, sometimes drownngs happen when siblings are tasked with supervision responsibilities..

Where do most pool accidents happen?

Most drowning accidents occur in pools owned by the child's family, relatives, or neighbor's.  Drownings happen quickly and without warning.  Often, there are no cries for help or other sounds heard.  And, usually, these children had been seen just a few minutes before they disappeared, and were found in the pool.

Drowning accidents are irreversible and devastating tragedies to anyone unfortunate enough to have to face a child's death.  If you own or have access to a pool, you must be an absolute dictator regarding pool rules. It must be absolutely clear, that pool usage will be in accordance to your rules - or no way at all!

Pools rulls must be understandable, clear and concise.  There is no room for options or bargaining when it comes to pool safety.  Many times, parents tend to bend their rulles a bit, and allow leeway in some things.  But, there cannot be lenience when it comes to pool rules!


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    • profile image

      Pool Alarms 

      8 years ago

      Pool safety should be a top priority for any parent or grandparent. Most drowning deaths in kids are so easily preventable with supervision and safety precautions. Thanks for promoting this cause.


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