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Poor Families

Updated on March 5, 2014

What it feels like to be poor

I was born into of home where poverty was a way of life, being poor didn't bother use because of the facts that we never had.

Being poor was never shameful or heart-breaking because we knew that our parents did their best. when you have to looked into the eyes of our parents we immediately saw the act of love. The commodity of being poor in today society is so much different from years ago.

Being poor then was when there no Christmas gifts or a Christmas tree in the corner, because there's no money.

Being poor is when six children share the same bedroom, with only two beds.

Being poor is when you get angry at yourself for not being able to support your children like like other parents.

Being poor is when the Landlord knocks on the door for his rent and there's none,with you making excuses .Being poor is when you go inside a store and steal to feed your family.

Being Poor is when families can't find work and depends on the Government for assistance.


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