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Pop Pals: A Fun Way to Reduce Freezer Pop Messiness

Updated on May 19, 2010

Do your kids love to snack on freezer pops during the warmest months of the year? These frozen treats, sometimes referred to as ice pops, are a great way to cool off with a sweet treat when temperatures climb outside.

Unfortunately, as flavorful as they are, freezer pops can be quite messy. That's because they're really just frozen flavored water and they are long. They tend to start melting long before kids have a chance to finish eating them.

If you want to find a way to allow your children to continue to enjoy the cool refreshment of tasty freezer pops during the summer that will also allow you to keep the mess under control, you'll be happy to discover Pop Pals (

What Are Pop Pals?

Pop Pals are insulated ice pop holders, a unique product that can have a huge impact on how much mess you can expect to have to clean up when you allow your kids to enjoy refreshing freezer pops. Pop Pals are made of soft, flexible material and slide easily over frozen ice pops.

Rather than holding the pop wrapper directly, kids will place their hands on the insulated Pop Pals cover while enjoying their treat, squeezing it rather than pushing directly on the plastic wrapper. Their hands will stay warm, and the cover will catch drips once the pop begins to melt, keeping it off the youngster's hands and preventing it from dripping to the floor.

Kids of any age will enjoy their freezer pops even more when they are paired with a Pop Pals holder. It's important to note that Pop Pals were designed with the highest standards for child safety in mind. They are free from lead and do not contain PVC, phthalates, or BpA.

Who Created Pop Pals

Pop Pals were created by Stephanie Veve, a mom with three young kids of her own. The idea for the product evolved out of frustration associated with dealing with the mess of the freezer pops her kids love so much, as well as continually having to wrap paper towels around freezer pops so that her children's hands wouldn’t get too cold while enjoying their treats.

Purchasing Pop Pals

Pop Pals are quite affordable, with a package of two retailing for only $4.99. They can be ordered from (see ordering information above) and other online retailers. They are also available at a number of retail stores throughout the U.S., including Babies R Us.


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