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Popular Names in 2020

Updated on December 27, 2019
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Premina Parker, is a parenting advisor. She is the author, most recently, parenting blog called Genbabycarrier. Her work has helped Time

2020 is drawing near. The figure itself is very symbolic - a double combination of twenty, consider a double anniversary. But 20 is also the time of youth, and this cannot but affect everything that will happen this year. Children are already beginning to appear in the first generation of the 21st century. A new life, new ideas, new names - everything undergoes changes and rejuvenates - even then, and even where many are accustomed to the established order of things. In our opinion, the current trend is to find something new among what is considered already ordinary.

Dynamics over the past 30 years

Looking at the tables below of the not common male and female names, you can see that the top ten have practically not changed over the past 30 years. The greatest mobility and change of place observes among female names, where unexpected bursts of interest in names appear, which subsequently left the top ten rankings. Such activity in the struggle for "first" places among male names is not noted. It is associated with great conservatism when choosing a name for a boy. Girls' parents are more likely to experiment or are more sensitive to changes in fashion.

Outside the top ten, by the beginning of 2020, there were more changes:

  • the names Miron, Anton, Kira, Olga, Julia and Victor,
  • increased interest in the names of Zoya and Stepan,
  • the names Amalia and Igor lost the most in popularity.

However, the traditional approach to choosing a name remains the most common now: preference is given to names characteristic of a particular community, locality or country.

So, for example, the Orthodox listen to the advice of church ministers, who rely on the church calendar . Here preference is given to the names of Ivan, Daniel, Ilya, Sophia, Maria, Anna, and Elizabeth. The name Daniel in general has an increased chance of remaining among the most common, since parents call the boys not only Daniel, but also Daniel, Danil, considering these options independent.

Family traditions are still strong, when the first boy is named after his grandfather by his father, and the girl is named after his grandmother by his mother. In such families at present, most often and quite rare names can be observed: Seraphim, Plato, Blasius, Gerasim, Potap, Pelagia, Jacob, Tikhon, Tamara and Lydia.

Popular names of 2020

Some of the trends that we wrote about several years ago (see forecasts for 2017 , 2018 and 2019 ) continue to be relevant, and, of course, new ones appear.

Short names. The accelerating pace of life, the rapid exchange of information, the brevity of presentation - these are the realities of today. This factor could not but affect the names - shorter names all rise higher in ratings, longer ones: Yana (instead of Ioannina), Nick (instead of Nicole), Mia (instead of Maria), Eva (instead of Evangeline), Cyrus (instead of Kiria) , as well as Zoya, Nina or Asya.

Less rare. After several decades of active growth in interest in rare names, the proportion of parents who choose such a name for their children has stabilized and even slightly decreased, and interest in popular names has been steadily growing for the past three years (the table below contains statistics on name selection services ):

Names about faith and closeness to God

Interest in names related to religion and faith has been stable for many centuries, and even growing. For example, in the ranking of 40 popular female names, the names Vera, Angelina, Veronika, Kristina, Nadezhda, Aisha appeared. Names that have in their origin the root of "divinity" are quite popular and widespread (Bogdan, Diana, Alan, Theon, Dinar). And among male names, many are even in the top twenty: Matvey, Fedor, Timofey, Mikhail, Bogdan, Zakhar, Mohammed.

Moreover, the dynamics of interest in names given according to religious canons differs among different peoples. The table below shows the statistics of the already mentioned name matching service. It can be seen, for example, that Orthodox names began to be sought less often, and Muslim ones more often:

Foreign names

Interest in foreign names is growing every year. Veronica, Eve, Diana, Angelina and Adeline storm the twenty most popular female names. Among the male names distinguished Mark, Leo and Roman. Not much "native" and "close" names of Ryan, Aileen, Camilla, Lilia, Elsa, Julian, or Maya are increasingly appearing in Russia.

The data in the following table confirm the growing trend of attention to foreign names - there is a noticeable increase in preference for English, German and Kazakh names

Borrowing names

Special attention of non-Muslim parents is enjoyed by some Muslim names, attracting with its beauty and harmony. Among women's, this is Amina, Maryam, Safiya, and Yasmina, and among men, Amir. A similar trend, but only in the opposite direction, appeared among Muslims - an interest in European, including specifically Russian names. According to the registry office of the Republic of Tatarstan, among the popular names for boys, the names Matvey, Cyril, Egor, Mikhail, Danil, Alexander, Mark, Artyom (they are all in the top ten), as well as the name Miron (we marked him as one of the most active names ) Among the girls - Victoria, Sofia, Elizabeth, Alice, Maria, Polina (a dozen of the rating), Arina, Milan, Kira, Eva - names from the second ten of the rating. Among the girls there is even greater diversity: among the most popular names there are both national (Amina, Samira, Azalea), so Russian and foreign names (Amelia, Emilia, Amalia). But among the parents of the boys, there is still a greater interest in national names (Askar, Adele, Karim, Amir, Ayaz, Arthur).

Old Slavic names

Many generations have loved this category of names. Perhaps, due to the presence in the Orthodox clergy, these names may speak for themselves, they voiced the main thoughts that parents put into the future of the baby born. Some of the names do not leave the 30th ranking, all these names are actively used (Vladimir, Yaroslav, Vladislav, Gleb), although there are more rare names that have not been forgotten through centuries (Svyatopolk, Vyacheslav, Vsevolod). In 2020, the names of Miroslav, Darin, Milan will be popular for girls. They will also continue to be called as Vladislav, Snezhana, Mstislav, Yesenia, Lyudmila, Karina, Lada, Svetlana.

Some names that were considered obsolete received a second wind and are not perceived as an atavism. These are the names Plato, Makar, Miron, Demid - used to be the name of our great-grandfathers, now this is the name of the neighbor's boy. The girls appeared Stephanie, Agatha, Agnia. Among the more rare, but meeting names, one can name the male names Leonty, Nikanor, Severian, Rodion, Nazar, and the female Muse, Stepanida, Anisa, Aglaya, Lydia.

Country Names Popularity

There were 15 republics in the USSR. Currently, these are 15 independent states. Time passes, history changes, and some things still make them together. Names are one such thing. Looking at the table of popular names by country, you can see that a lot still has something in common, although the local flavor in each of these countries cannot be ignored.

Note the names that are not only found in each of these countries but are also very popular, sometimes crowding out national names:

men's - Alexander, Sergey, Andrey, Maxim.

female - Anna, Olga, Sofia, Anastasia. Despite this, in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, national traditions are especially appreciated, where the share of national names is much higher.

Male names in Ukraine have their flavor. A particular emphasis place on Slavic male names that are more common in this country than in Russia.

Boy or girl, girl or boy? Many parents do not know until the last moment who will be born. But there are those who have clarified everything in advance and are already busy selecting a name.

According to statistics from the service for selecting a name, over the past five years, the percentage of those who searched for a name for a boy increased from 45 % to 50 %. This suggests that more and more parents began to think about some unusual, non-standard or loud, speaking names for their son. Now scrupulousness in this matter concerns not only names for girls.

Compared to previous years, the number of parents looking for names with certain characteristics has increased. Among boys, they often look for "wise," "smart," "beautiful," "healthy." Note the new parameter - "free." Sustained interest in the traits of "courageous" and "fair." The highest growth rate for queries is "hero" and "first."


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