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Positive Sleep Talk for Kids

Updated on January 2, 2013

Affirmative Sleep Talk for Kids


What is Positive Sleep Talk?

We hear parents always complaining that kids these days have become more violent and rude. The endless complaints from teachers about bad behavior and fights in schools, which leads to disliking schools and increase in stress and lower grades. Child continuously being labeled as hyperactive and unruly and is increasing found outside the principal's or school counselor’s office.

Parents do not have enough time to spend with kids and leave them at the mercy of the most modern Xboxes, iPods and computers games, which only magnifies 10 fold the behavior that you would like to avoid.

So what should parents do, stop going to office and leave well-paid jobs to address their child behavioral or self-confidence issues? NO


Positive Sleep Talk is a proven method in which positive and encouraging quotes are repeated softly when your child is asleep, which in turn promotes positive beliefs thereby encouraging a favourable foundation for your child better growth.

This therapy enables your child to know that they are loved and lovable, and assists them to cope easily with this competitive world, peer pressure and people around them. This process also helps develop loving relationships with the complete family.

how does positive sleep talk help kids?

There are twin benefits of Positive Sleep Talk for Kids.

Benefits for your child include improvement in overall behavior, enjoys going to school and making friends, is socially more friendly and happy. Gets better at finishing classwork and homework without constant supervision. Accepts parent’s advice and is obedient and respectful towards elders. Confident in dealing with situations like peer pressure and bullying etc.

While the family is definitely happy with the overall improvement of the child, there are benefits for the family too, like lesser shouting and screaming around the house to get things done, improvement in family relations and less stress, improved sibling relationship, peaceful home environment, improvement in school grades and increased interest in all activities, better relationship with the school and community.

How should parents practice sleep talk with Kids?

Just 5 minutes every night makes an amazing difference with immediately noticeable results.

The process involves talking to your child during a precise stage of her or his sleep cycle which has been recognized after research as being an prime state for "subconscious" education and this peak state of awareness, when the alert mind is asleep but the subconscious is awake, offers an excellent chance to relay specific messages so that they are fully accepted and believed by your child as a fact by the deeper subconscious part of the brain.

Example : You may use phrases

  • Mama & Dada love your very much
  • (Your Child's Name) loves Mommy and Daddy very much.
  • (Your Child's Name) is a very nice child.
  • (Your Child's Name) always talks softly and sweetly with everyone.
  • (Your Child's Name) is very kind and has lots of friends.
  • (Your Child's Name) always completes his class work.

You are able to empower your child to overcome issues which specifically concern your child, including behavioral patterns or building self-confidence by using the right tone with specific words and sentences prepared for your child's individual needs enabling your child to face each day in a confident way.

Positive Sleep Talk Results

Positive Sleep Talk includes methods that contribute to your parenting style, working hand in hand with the way you choose to raise your children. Positive Affirmative quotes for kids that make a world of difference.

It takes about 4 weeks to a month to establish a routine, provided you consistently whisper simple positive quotes every night. It will be worth the effort, if you really want to make a positive difference in your child life.

Once you form a routine, you can introduce suggestions which are specific to your child's needs. A broad range of secondary ideas means that many behavioural patterns, attitudes, and physical symptoms can be addressed.

Positive Sleep Talk can be used until teenage years; making it a extremely beneficial ability for you to learn, allowing your child to reach their full potential, and make the most that they can from their world, having the confidence to face life head on positively.


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      8 years ago

      Sleep Talking is very important for kids these days. I have a 7 year old and it has made a lot of difference in his behaviour in School. I just whisper a few phrases every night that i have wrote down just for him. My son is a lot more amicable and loving. Every parent should try it, after all there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try sleep talking to you child today itself.


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