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Positive Words Of Encouragement For Expectant Single Moms

Updated on May 8, 2015

Expectant Single Moms

You've always dreamed of finding "Mr. Wonderful", falling in love, creating a beautiful child, and living happily ever after.

However, things have not gone according to plan. Turns out, "Mr. Wonderful" isn't so wonderful, you've recently discovered that what you thought was love was in fact lust, now you're single AND pregnant, and you're pretty certain that there won't be a "happily ever after".

You are probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel abandoned, hopeless, and/or afraid. How will you cope with this pregnancy alone? Will you be able to manage being a single mom?

Expecting a child is supposed to be the most joyful time of your life, AND IT IS! It won't be easy, but chances are, you have a good support system of family and doesn't have to be huge, even just one person by your side makes the world of difference. If you feel that you don't have any support, find it. Look into the public services that are available to you.

It's important to remember that, perhaps for the first time in your life, you now, finally, have the biggest and best reason to be strong, stay focused, keep positive, get things done (whether you want to or not), and overcome your obstacles. You finally, now more than ever, have reason to live and keep moving forward.

That reason is growing in your belly and at this point, nothing else matters. That precious baby and yourself have become the number one priority. You don't need anyone else, and you might find that you don't want anyone else. He/she has become your number one, your heart, your life...and as far as other people are concerned, either they fit into that picture or they don't. If they do, great. If not, great, it doesn't matter now and it still won't matter later.

You are not alone and you will never ever be alone again. That baby will be with you forever and for always now. He/she is your world.

So, keep your chin up and a smile on your face. Stay positive and stay strong. Be happy, embrace this pregnancy and cherish it. These are the very first of many precious moments that won't last forever and you'll never get them back. So, block the negativity and stop the worry. Don't miss out, this baby is a gift and you WILL live happily ever after.

A Poem For My Daughter, Serenity

My Sweet Serenity

You are truly a gift from above
Immediately I fell in love
From your cute little nose
To your tiny toes
Everything about you simply glows
Your existence taught me what life is really all about
And you saved me from my own misery without a doubt
When you came into this world with your soft golden brown hair
I found, about life, reason to care
In your beautiful brown eyes
I see where happiness lies
A perfect little being so sweet
You touch the lives of everyone you meet
The name I chose definitely rings true
Calm and untroubled is absolutely you
So blessed I am to call you mine

My dear sweet Serenity, you are divine


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