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Possibly The Best Kids Playset For Little Boys Age 4-7+

Updated on January 31, 2011

I had a somewhat difficult time this Christmas in finding a suitable present for my little boy, who is a rather intelligent little 4 year old, with just about every toy you can imagine already! I wanted something that he would enjoy playing with now, that he would not outgrow quickly, or get bored of easily. He had already built up a large collection of the 'Thomas The Tank Engine Take & Play' set but was losing interest & rather than buying him another extension for it, I felt he needed more of a 'big boy' type of thing! After a long time searching I finally came across the Tomica playset by Tomy & was instantly excited! This was not just simply another trainset, as the inclusion of the road provided the ability for him to integrate his cars into play at the same time - perfect!

I ordered the 'Tomica Big City Express Playset,' along with the 'Road Accessory Pack,' so he had plenty to experiment with, which I was happy would keep him entertained for many hours into the foreseeable future & I was right! After unwrapping his new present on Christmas Day, which he was delighted with, I helped him build it all up a couple of days later & barely saw him over the next few weeks!  (Little did I know that I would become more hooked than him!)

I have to say that the Tomica play set is like any little boys dream toy! The detail is superb & the ability to customise almost every piece, even down to the positioning of trees & lamp posts means there is endless potential for creative possibilities. The particular set I bought came with a little rescue truck, but as this is the same size as regular matchbox cars he can play with all his other cars on the roadway too. There was a repair garage with a ramp to raise the cars on for fixing & a shop with automatic doors, among other things. The train has two speeds, stops at the station as required & the tunnel & two level track make it all the more interesting to watch go round! The only regret I have is not buying a bigger set or more accessories, not for his sake, but because I actually enjoy building that much that I wish I could make it even bigger!

I am sure that my son's birthday & Christmas presents for the next couple of years will include many an accessory for this set. There are plenty of interesting additions to make to your original set, from smaller items such as the Fire Station, Petrol Station or Car Park to larger ones such as the Police Headquarters Play set. You can also buy additional track & road, level crossings, bridges, pavement, vehicles, figures & trains, plus more.

I would definitely give the Tomy Tomica set 10/10 & recommend it to anyone looking for the ideal gift for a little boy they know!


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