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Post Partum and How to Get Through It

Updated on July 12, 2019
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postpartum : It is something that should be discussed more, especially empowering women to empower each other.

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression happens after a mother gives birth and is overwhelmed by the childbirth itself, the hormones going completely insane, fatigue, and readjustment to daily life.


You are Not Alone

I’ve been through it not once, but twice. From my experience the best way to get through it, comes down to 3 different needs. You need exercise, positive support, and a strong will. Here’s why

Exercise Exercise Exercise !

when you have you child the last thing on your mind is exercise. As a matter of fact we have TOO much on our minds. From “why isn’t she/he taking my breastmilk?” To “Why can’t my husband understand that when I say go away I really mean to stay?” I felt SO insecure after I put my body through birth. I didn’t like the way I looked.“It takes time.” They say. I never thought I could be so impatient, but they were right and wrong. Yes, it does take time, however, the more you get back into your regular routine, the quicker the healing process is. I’m not saying go for a jog when you get home because when you have a c-section, there is absolutely no way that is happening. But walking even to the kitchen is better than nothing at all. Exercise releases endorphins, helping you to calm your nerves before you take things too far, It’s almost like a getaway. I will admit, it’s very hard at first but that’s where the strong will comes in, and as long as you’re persistent and fit it into your routines, I promise you will not only feel better mentally, but physically as well because of all the weight that will just melt right off! Start slow and slowly progress, you WILL notice a change as well as everyone around you.

Strong Support System

Something I’ve never really said out loud is the cause for my depression. First time around was because of their biological father, and I didn’t get over PPD until I left the guy. Crazy right? Second time around was my own mother that was constantly criticizing my parenting even though her parenting was 10000x worse. It’s okay to admit it is a certain someone or something. It’s better than ignoring the problem and denying that there even is a problem. If the people around you are not positive people, steer clear, because it isn’t safe nor is it healthy for you and your family to inhale that. I am blessed enough to know that my friends and my husband as well as his family were more than enough support that I needed to get through what I was going through. What you surround yourself with is what you will become. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, I know it is hard because stubbornness runs in the blood of females, trust, I know. But when you get over that perspective and open your mind a bit, you’ll realize a lot of people are willing to lend a helping hand. People that care would much rather you ask for the help instead of thinking you got this and then you explode because it’s too much. Remember that your kids are watching, and I don’t know about you, but I would much rather my daughters and my son would come to me for help instead of digging themselves a deeper hole because they were too proud to ask.


The strength is not just for you, but for everyone around you. Be the person you want the kids to look at one day and say, “That is my hero.” Be the woman that is able to share their personal life to others and be so proud of herself, seeing how far you have come. It’s a milestone. Strong will, everyone is capable of it, but everyone has a choice. It is not an easy road. There will be ups, there will be downs. Get to the gym, get the support, and most importantly, keep going with your head held high. You are a total badass. You have been through a lot, and you will overcome this. With time, you can look back and say, “That used to be me.”


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