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Postpartum Blues & Postpartum Psychosis

Updated on July 8, 2013

In this article I will explain when you think you have postpartum depression, it could really just be postpartum blues, a normal and common reaction to a new mother after giving birth. It could also really be something far more severe and very dangerous. Do not be afraid to speak up, for yourself or someone you love. Both are forms of depression and no matter which form you have, you will need help and support to get through it.

Being a mother is the most important thing you can do and should be the happiest time of your life. Have you ever heard the expression "If momma ain't happy, ain'y nobody happy"? Unfortunately, this is really true in the literal sense. Children feed off of their parents, even from infancy and if you are depressed, they can sense it.

If you like this article, please read my other article on Postpartum Depression. I'm a big activist for depression. If you know the signs you can seek help and I hope this article will help point out the symptoms.


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Postpartum Blues

Postpartum Blues, or more commonly known as “The Baby Blues”, is not as serious as Postpartum Depression. Symptoms will include insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, tears, mood swings and irritability, and usually show up around the 4th postpartum day and end within two weeks. More than half of all new mothers have “the baby blues”, with mixed feelings of mild depression and overcome with joy. Make sure that what you are experiencing is just “baby blues” and not something more, learn the signs of Postpartum Depression (click to see my other hub), and get help if needed.

Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum Psychosis is a group of mental illnesses with sudden psychotic symptoms that can occur as soon as 1 day after childbirth (developing over the first 3 weeks of postpartum). Postpartum Psychosis (or Puerperal Psychosis) is a very serious condition that mostly affects women with bipolar disorder. Symptoms include extreme mood swings, irritability, hallucinations usually involving the senses (hearing, touch, smelling, and sight), delusional thinking, extremely confused and disorganized thinking, depersonalization (feeling from other’s around you, including your baby and your surroundings), and restlessness.

Postpartum Psychosis is considered to be a medical emergency as it can generate thoughts of suicide or death in a new mother, escalating the risk of suddenly harming herself or her new baby. When a woman has Postpartum Psychosis, she may not admit to any symptoms she is experiencing because she feels embarrassed. It is often dismissed by new mothers, and her loved ones, as Postpartum Depression so, the people around her must watch intently for odd behavior. Please, get help immediately if you suspect the new mother to have any signs or symptoms.

Know the symptoms

Postpartum Blues
Postpartum Psychosis
Feeling Overwhelmed
Mood Swings
Extreme Mood Swings
Delusional thinking
Exetremely Confused Thinking
Delusional Thinking
Disorganized Thinking

Other Forms of Depression

If you think you may have a different form of depression, or are just interested in the topic, please see my other hubs:

Seasonal Depression

Chronic Depression (Dysthymia)

Major Depression

Postpartum Depression

Knowing the signs of depression can help prevent it.


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