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Potty Training Urinal

Updated on January 3, 2011

Does my child need one?

For potty training, you need to take all you can get—especially when it comes to boys. Potty training urinals invaded the market a couple of decades ago, but did they revolutionize potty training in general?

See, the idea is, train small boys to do the deed standing up using a show-and-imitate method. The training urinals of today look a lot like miniature versions of the big boy urinal. While it may all well be possible to do this with the traditional toilet bowl, there is the danger of your child falling from a stool—as he will surely not be able to reach one—and him making a mess because his aim is not accurate.

Training boys is more difficult than training girls—that is a known fact. On average, boys finish potty training on average 4 months later than girls. Of course you may have a different opinion and experience altogether, but statistics are statistics. Studies have shown that it is best to start training once you baby reaches at least 18 months. The cycle is normally completed shortly after their third birthday.

Some more advantages

As mentioned above, because your boy’s aim is not accurate to begin with, you will often find yourself cleaning after him. There is much to stress on this point because there will come a time that you will get fed up with doing so. Because you waste a lot of time cleaning, your time with your child will also be affected. Modern training urinals are big enough to catch “everything,” and some designs make it easy to “flush” and clean the urinal with different methods—more of which will be discussed on the product descriptions below.

The training urinal can be placed beside a toilet bowl or a regular urinal. With this setup, boys can go every time daddy goes so not only do they bond, but the learning process becomes easy and natural. Imitating grown-ups is one aspect children are good at. On a side note, you also exercise their ability to learn naturally for themselves.

The Peter Potty training urinal

Modern potty training urinals

Possibly the most popular and revolutionary potty training urinal these days is the Peter Potty. It has won awards and merited positive reviews from parents worldwide. It is a simple miniature urinal that can stand on its own or mounted on a wall. On its own, it has an adjustable base which you can adjust as your child grows. Aside from those, it has its own unique flush system that keeps the urinal clean and virtually maintenance-free.


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