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Prayer For The Healing Of The Family Tree

Updated on January 4, 2017

Prayer For Inter-Generational Healing: Prayer For The Healing Of The Family Tree

I have been wounded many times, and each time, I feel pain. It not only mean physical wound. And so it is only but natural for me to empathize with those who are suffering because I knew how it was to be wounded. I knew how it was to be in pain. Many of us today do not only experience all kinds of pain. It pains me the most to see innocent children suffer because they were a product of broken homes or either the father or the mother suffered an untimely death. When a mother or a father dies in the family, the children suffer a great deal especially when there’s no one to take care of them. I have personally witnessed several members of my husband’s relatives in one family getting ill and died to the same kind of sickness. The Science of Medicine traces this to the family’s medical history called Genetic Coding but to Christians like me, we believe otherwise. Exodus 20:5 says... “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me”..... and so I believe that the reason we suffer the same fate that other family members had suffered is because we have inherited the punishment for the sins they have committed. So the only way for us to be freed from such bondage is to pray the prayer for the healing of the family tree also called the prayer for inter-generational healing.

Just recently a friend of both me and my husband asked us to pray for her mother who was then suffering from stage four cancer. After only a few days, her mother died. Just very recently, the same friend ask us to pray, this time for her brother, who after only a month since her mother died, was diagnosed with stage three cancer. I mentioned to her to pray the prayer for the healing of the family tree. I have written and shared this prayer in one of my other blog. I was inspired to share it here in HubPages hoping against all hope that I will be able to share with other hubbers this beautiful and powerful prayer. As a Christian I find it as a privilege to help in any way I can and to help ease the pain of others in any way I can and be an instrument in God’s healing power by sharing this prayer with others who might need it.

May you be inspired to know that when we bring to God our concerns, God is always willing to listen with undivided attention. All we have to do is to have an open mind and be able to open our heart to Him. When we feel so helpless and there is nothing else that we can do, it is the best time to "let go and let God" by bringing ourselves to prayer. Prayer can heal us by bringing back hope and joy, God's love and peace in our lives. Prayer help us connect with our higher nature, work wonders in handling stress and heals our wounded lives. The best prayer is the prayer of praise and thanksgiving and the most powerful prayer is the intercessory prayer. Prayers offered for others are intercessory prayer especially when we offer prayers for someone's healing, deliverance, renewal and conversion. Our prayers must be the echo of a heart attuned at one with God for it to be powerful.


Loving Father, we come before You with grateful hearts praising and thanking You for having called us to pray for the healing of our family and relationships. We come with humble and contrite hearts for ourselves, and for all the people we bring with us in spirit for vicarious healing, pleading to be set free of inter-generational bondage to sin, sickness, and weaknesses that continue to destroy our families, that block the flow of Your graces to our family bloodlines and keep us away from You. Today and all the days in our future, we place ourselves under Your Divine Protection and we cover ourselves with Your Most Precious Blood. We also ask for the intercession of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints to pray for us and with us as we lift up to You all our special petitions. Let the cleansing waters of our baptism flow back through all the roots of our family tree and bloodlines. Let the life giving blood of Your Son, Jesus, flow through every generation through all our parents, grandparents and ancestors, to all our children and their descendants, touching, healing and making each member whole.

We ask for Your grace and strength to rebuke all sin and forces of evil that lead us t sin. We ask for Your spirit of revelation to work within us to help reveal all our hidden sins and sins in our family bloodlines. We beg for Your mercy and forgiveness as we repent for all our past and present sins and those of our fathers, forefathers and ancestors. We now place the cross of Jesus Christ between ourselves and every generation in our bloodline and we break the transfer of all life-suppressing forces working against us, in us and through us.

We now take authority in the name of Jesus Christ, over all familial spirits, all generational bondage and their manifestations within our lives, all hereditary defects, genetic or of blood, and all wrong inclinations and destructive patterns that may have been transmitted to us from within our family tree or within spiritual families to which we belong, including the defects within our Church that have personally affected us. Transform us and all our family members, Lord, so that we may seek, know and follow Your will in our lives. Strengthen us to remain faithful to you always.

In the Holy Name of Your son, Jesus, by His power and for His love, we break the power of evil over ourselves and our families and destroy what otherwise might be transmitted to our descendants. We claim Your complete victory in our lives and all our family bloodlines. We claim Your total and permanent healing and deliverance of our family members and our ancestors from all ancestral bondage and destructive patterns. All these we pray in Jesus' name.



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  • glorgeousmom profile image

    Glo L Bernadas 3 years ago from Philippines

    Hi Maria TeresM. The pleasure is mine. I appreciate your support very much. Thank you by taking your time to share your thoughts. May God bless you a hundredfold in your writing endeavors.

  • MariaTeresaM profile image

    Teresa Martinez 5 years ago from Philippines

    Thank you for sharing this. I have always wanted to pray for healing for our family tree but didn't know where to start.