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Pregnancy and the Growth of the Fetus

Updated on December 24, 2017
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I live on a homestead in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Writing and reading are my passion.


The Unborn Baby

The unborn baby is perfectly formed by the mother’s third month of pregnancy. He is only the size of a man’s thumb yet so perfect, the little one lives in a balloon of fluid which surrounds him and protects him. The surrounding fluid is essential for his growth. At this early stage the unborn baby’s structure is highly liquid. His organs are already developed. But his head is larger in proportion to his body.

Rapid Weight Gain

He gains rapid weight between the third and seventh month.

A fetus heart begins to beat at about the third week after fertilization. When the mother is resting and her abdominal muscles are relaxed there is more room for the baby to move. The baby fetus of three months is active and buoyant. He moves up and down and around in the fluid surrounding him. At three months he is very small and his mother does not feel when he moves at this early stage.

The mother feels strong movements after the fifth month.


Ready to be born

The baby starts to occupy more and more space in the mother’s enlarging womb, diminishing the surrounding fluid. The uterus changes shape and becomes pear shaped, the most space being at the top. Most babies lie head down in the uterus to be comfortable and are born with their head first.

His eyes open and shut at eight months. The womb is not silent and the baby can hear outside noises like music, crashes and even loud street noises.


Signs of Pregnancy

A missed period is the most common sign.

Six to eight weeks after conception, you may need to use the bathroom more often.

Morning sickness although not all mothers have morning sickness

You may feel tired with all the changes happening in your body.

Your breast may feel tender and sore.You may have urgent cravings for a certain food. My craving used to be chocolate.

The smell of certain food may make you feel sick although you never had an aversion for this food before.

With the increase in your hormones you may have mood swings.

A home pregnancy test and a visit to your doctor will confirm the good news.

Ultrasound at the First Trimester

Your first ultrasound appointment should normally take place at approximately eight weeks. Your doctor will measure the length of the fetus and thereby be able to give you a more accurate due date. He will be able to monitor your baby’s heart and other organs, as well as the position of the placenta.

The doctor or technician rubs gel onto your abdomen and then moves a plastic transducer gently over your belly. The transducer transmits high frequency sound waves through your uterus. The sound waves send signals back to a machine that converts them to images of your baby.

Second Trimester

This ultrasound usually takes place between eighteen and twenty weeks of pregnancy. The doctor will again check your baby’s organs and check for any birth defects. He should now also be able to tell you the sex of your little one.

Third Trimester

The last ultrasound is normally done at twenty weeks. The doctor will check your baby’s growth and health.


Baby's Stroller

One of articles your baby will be using frequently is a stroller. Look out for the following features that is essential in a good stroller.

Check that the stroller has an adjustable seat that reclines to a flat position which you will need for a newborn.

The stroller's frame should lock into position firmly and be easy to use.

Check that the stroller has a safety restraint system with a secure buckle for the baby but easy to unlock.

Baby's Jogger Stroller

This lightweight stroller is ideal for baby. It is large enough for a comfortable soft ride. The stroller has a sturdy frame with the right size wheels. It is easy to fold up to store in the car and it opens up and is locked in position with an easy to operate locking mechanism to keep baby safe.

I bought this stroller for my granddaughter and it is a pleasure to take her for a walk. The bug net for the jogger is super. It keeps mosquitoes out and my granddaughter can still see the world around her. This stroller has a superior design and is admired where ever we go.

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