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Pregnant with Triplets - My guide on Triplets strollers, clothes and triplet gift ideas.

Updated on April 9, 2013

The anxiety of preperation

Triplets pregnancies come with a wide range of anxieties not felt with single pregnancies. Dealing with the pregnancy itself is an anxiety in itself, not to mention the overwhelming stress of not knowing exactly when your bundles of joy will decide to arrive and when to begin preparing for their awaited arrival.

A triplet pregnancy is considered high risk, many pregnant women with triplets end up on bed rest quite early in the cycle, this makes it even more difficult to shop and prepare for all the baby items needed to make life easy. The immediate needs are quite obvious, diapers, formula, etc... although, it's best to no buy formula early. Most triplet babies are pre-mature and for the first few months require a special formula as recommended by their pediatrician.

I remember during my bed rest, I would find myself scanning the web to find information, ideas and clues on what I need to do, I wished someone had written about their personal experiences more, after all, what else is there to do while on bed rest.

Keeping things simple...

If you are expecting triplets, first thing you need to do is throw everything you know about raising a baby out the door. With triplets, there's two main key words that you need to remember and constantly remind yourself of "schedule, simple". You will be so busy catering to the little ones, there's no way you will get a second of rest if you do not setup a good schedule and stick to it. Simple, do what's easy for you and what makes the most sense, do not try to overwhelm yourself with the norm. I picked triplets clothes and triplets strollers to talk about because I believe the decisions I made, saved me time, money and unwanted anxiety.

Triplets Clothes - Quick and Simple

I have to agree, there's nothing like the joy of dressing up your little ones in unique little outfits that scream "I'm a triplet", and I'm sure you will be gifted many little cute outfits with matching shoes, head bands, etc... but let's face the facts. Your triplets will need to change outfits a few times a day, based on a routine and schedule, you will have to change their diaper more often than you think, times 3. Although, I loved dressing up my triplets for the special occasions, on a daily basis, I kept things simple. I had 2 girls and a boy, if I had to reach in that closet every time to grab the boy outfit and the other outfits with the various shoes and accessories, I would've went nuts. What I decided to do is stick with simple for as long as I could. I used the neutral color "white", which applied for both sexes and I had a wholesale supply of short sleeved onesies and long sleeve onesies. It made life so much easier to open the drawer and grab 3, wash all together without having to separate colors and quick. I followed the same rule with the socks. Sure, it's less exciting but you have to think "common sense" and rational when dealing with triplets. The excitement is what's inside the clothes and the goal for clothing is to keep the children protected and warm, goal accomplished. Once they got a little older and less fussy, I stuck with color coding pink, purple and blue, this also made life much easier.

Note: Stay away from snap closures and stick to zipper closures, it's quicker and easier for the middle of the night diaper changes.

Triplets Strollers - A triplet stroller that fits!

I wish buying a stroller for triplets was as simple as buying clothes but it's not. With a stroller, you have to think about much more than just color, obviously safety is first, and the convenience of getting around quickly and efficiently is your biggest goal.

For the first few months, you will need the infant seats and stroller, unfortunately, there's no one that has given an infant triplet stroller a thought, if you have to go somewhere you will never be able to do it alone, because the only choices you have in a stroller is a single and a double. I purchased the snap-on stroller, this made it easy to grab the infant seat out of the car and pop it into place. I purchased a single and a double, I had help, and always had someone with me when going somewhere. For me, it made the most sense, god gave me two eyes, two hands, two boobs and two legs, but three babies, it's physically impossible to carry three babies out with two hands, so I had someone help me full time. As my children were able to sit up on their own, I decided that it's time to switch car seats and strollers, some days, I might like to take a walk with them or for my husband and I to take them somewhere without any help. I researched and found what I call the "Limo stroller", it's front to back, 3 seats, it was sleek, comfortable, and not wide, which means it fit in doorways easily and most elevators. It was also a nice stroller to have right in the garage to put all 3 children in and take them for a walk. This stroller is long, it barely fit in the trunk of my minivan and if you have a normal vehicle, it might be difficult to fit, not to mention, quite heavy, we always kept the umbrella strollers as a backup and only took the long limo in the trunk of the mini van a dozen times, because once it's in there, nothing else fits. The goal was to move away from strollers as quickly as possible, as soon as my children began walking, I got rid of all strollers and only kept the umbrella strollers, I would only take one or two with me anywhere I went and only the tired would sit in one, while the others walked.

My triplets Strollers

My Two choices for triplets strollers
My Two choices for triplets strollers | Source

Triplets gift ideas

If you are looking to buy a gift for triplets, here's some advice from a mom of triplets that will really help. Triplet parents are on a mission of keeping schedules, sticking with rules, plans and a daily routine, they have everything planned from start to finish. If you want to help, or gift them something they can truly use, stick with the generic gift card to the local Costco or children's store or Amazon which has free shipping, your gift can be used immediately for diapers, formula or at a later time and here's my favorite #1 gift of all. Volunteer your time to watch the triplets, while mom and dad take a much needed break from the triplets.


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