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Preparing For A New Baby: A How To Guide

Updated on March 10, 2014

A Baby? Congrats!

When you first find out you’re expecting a baby, all sorts of emotions overtake you. You’re joyful, excited, scared and uncertain. After all, you’ve never been a mom before. What do you need to know? How do you get ready for the little one’s arrival?


Getting Ready

Relax and know that your natural instincts will take over and you’ll know exactly what to do when the time comes.

Women for countless generations have accomplished this wonderful task called mothering with grace. Here are some ideas you can use to prepare before the big arrival.

Stock Up On Diapers

Have plenty of diapers on hand. You’re going to need more diapers than you ever thought possible.

Newborns can need changing up to seven or eight times a day! So, grab a few extra boxes of Pampers while you can still run out to the store.


Create Your Milk Plan

Know whether you’re going to nurse or use formula. It’s a good idea to have some powdered formula in the house just in case when you first come home.

In case your husband needs to feed baby, you’ll feel relaxed knowing there’s something in the house for baby.

After all, not all people know that newborn babies can’t drink cow’s milk. Be sure to show your husband where the formula is kept ahead of time.


Will/do/did you use formula?

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When it Comes to Clothes

Pack comfortable clothes for the hospital. You’re going to be in some degree of pain so you’ll want to have your most relaxed duds with you. And don’t plan on slipping into your pre-pregnancy jeans the day you give birth. You’ll still have water weight to lose and will want a non-binding, loose-fitting outfit for at least a few days.

If you're reading this as a soon-to-be dad, prepare yourself as well. Pack a few extra things to pamper your lady while she's at the hospital. A spa gift basket is always a nice touch.

What About Baby Clothes

Pack outfits for baby that are the smallest you can find. Even newborn sized baby clothes will be too big on baby that first day at the hospital. Usually, the nurses keep baby swaddled in a soft cotton blanket and a diaper. So you won’t need to dress her.

But for going home, you’ll definitely want something that covers her for warmth. Look for a few premie outfits for baby to wear the first week. Even the biggest newborns are still smaller than you think.

Clutter-Proof Your Home

When you get a free moment, use it as a chance to do something you'll thank yourself for later. Clear out any clutter from your home now before you have the baby.

Get organized! File away papers, pay bills and change sheets. The less you have to do when you return home, the better.

You may or may not have help when you get home, so you want to return to a home that’s as clutter-free as possible.

A clean home makes a happy new mom
A clean home makes a happy new mom | Source

Prepare Your Family Pets

Spend some extra time with pets. They will often feel neglected when the new little crying machine comes home.

So, assure them they are loved by playing with them both before and after baby comes home.

Don’t change the cat litter box if you are pregnant. Let someone else do that job.

There are germs in cat droppings that can be harmful to pregnant women. Take precautions.


Prepare the Nursery

It's always a great idea to set up the crib early. You want to have the nursery finished several weeks early. A due date is just an estimate.

So in case you deliver early, you’ll want to know everything is ready to go. Enlist help for heavy lifting and painting - don't strain yourself or do anything that might be dangerous for the baby.

Set Up Your Bath Station

When preparing your baby bath station, you'll need to cover your bases and have all of your necessities ready.

Have on hand baby bath, soft hooded baby towels and a baby tub you can use in the sink. Don't forget baby shampoo, lotions, and body wash.

You’ll want to wash baby daily and you’ll be glad you have everything on hand within easy reach.


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    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      What a wonderful hub! This will really come in handy for new moms! Props to you!

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 

      6 years ago

      So many useful tips! Preparing the pets for baby can certainly be a challenge and great job letting pregnant women know that they shouldn't change the kitty litter.


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