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Preparing children for life

Updated on July 5, 2010

Children are a blessing from God and in as much as we call on them to help us around the house as parents we are the designated stewards…we are responsible for them, to teach them and train them to become responsible adults capable of fulfilling their destiny.

According to the bible children are a heritage, God loves them and they are his priority. There are also consequences for their actions just as much as we are supposed to teach them about what is right from wrong.

Therefore the importance of training and teaching as well as playing with children helps in their overall development in that:

a) It helps them know:

  • Through time

This is to mean the time we spend with them helps to build them up by helping them strengthen the relationships they later have in life this is because they learn how to relate to others with love in turn helping them know that they are valued.

For example spending a few hours daily with a child helps them know the importance of being there and valuing others through the time created in spending with them

  • Through teachable moments

Many are the times when we find ourselves scolding a child for doing something we consider wrong for example playing with water or climbing a tree, or in some case cursing in front of them yet telling them they should never do that and giving them time out without even explaining why it is wrong.

While being a parent is a challenge without the fuss of having the time to keep up with the child's antics, it is important however to take such situations and turn them to teachable moments because it helps the kid understand what the reasoning is behind the punishment if one is given. That way when they avoid doing something it wont be out of fear but more because the understand the consequences.

b) Let them grow

  • Help them grow socially

Social growth helps the children learn how to associate with others by teaching them how to choose friends is important because in most cases children especially teenagers are more likely to listen to their peers rather than their parents. Thus it is important for you as the parent to show interest in the people they choose to interact with and advice rather than demand of them. In the long run, they will tend to seek out your opinion without feeling inadequate or that you will shoot down their ideas.

  • Help hem grow sexually

We have all seen movies or T.V programs or worse still heard real stories where kids who have been mistreated having issues with affection. Therefore it is important as a family to show affection through hugs and kisses as it helps the child understand how to relate to those they have relationships with in future.

This is because showing affection for their successes just as much for just being them helps them know that affection doesn’t have to be given when you do something good or when you are happy, affection can just be a way to show that they are valued and this is something they grow and take with them into the relationships they have in future. Thus it is important for parents to show affection to each other because it through this that the children learn the value of relationships and the bond between two people.

c) Let them go

  • Letting them make mistakes

Teaching children how to never make mistakes prevents them from developing fully because they never learn the value of “rising up after falling.” The challenge is more because, in most cases we are not there to tell them this is how to do something or that you should not do this or that. What we need to realize is that, they are under our care only for a short while after which they are out the door to forge their own lives at which point we won’t be there to hold their hands and walk with them.

Therefore it is more important to teach them what they need to know then let them make mistakes and learn from them because it is only then that they become better at facing life challenges with out fear. In addition it helps the child understand their actions and hence the consequences associated with them.

Let the children learn from their mistakes just as much as they learn from their success.

  • Let them become responsible

Giving child responsibilities helps them become responsible individuals when they grow up. But letting them become responsible doesn’t mean controlling everything they do. Giving them chores around the house is always a good way of teaching a child about responsibility. It helps build their character.

Moral of the article: if you let you children know and grow then when its time to let them go you can be confident that they are responsible individuals capable of accomplishing what they were destined to do.


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