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Preparing for Change ~ Back to School, Moving or a New Baby

Updated on August 21, 2014

Back to School

Change can be a major problem for some people and others just take it in stride. How do you prepare for change? How do you prepare your children for change?

It really doesn’t matter what the changes are, whether it be moving to a new house, a new state, welcoming a new baby or getting ready to go to school. Change is something that we need to prepare for in order to get the best results.

Here are some tips that will help with change.

  • Give fair warning, I can’t speak for you but I like to know when things are getting ready to change. No one likes it when they come home and someone says, “Oh by the way we’re moving tomorrow get packed.” Take the time to discuss things and let them know what exactly is going on and how it will affect them.

  • With children read them a book that deals with the change that they will be experiencing. For example, if they are getting ready to have a sibling come into the house read them a book about it. Books about moving and going back to school are available too.

  • Take the time to scope out the new situation before you are in it. If it’s going to school take advantage of any open houses, or meet the teacher days.

  • People like the details, so give them the details. Answer all the questions your child may have about what’s going on.

  • Let them get involved. If you are moving let them help pack, if it is school let them pick out some of their clothes and book bag.

  • Have your child talk to one of their friends that may have experienced moving, or going to school so they can share with each other.

  • A routine is very important; make sure that you set a routine and stick with it as much as possible. Routines make people feel safer and more secure about things.

There are some people that love change and seem to thrive on it, and there are others that will agonize over change and worry themselves sick. For those people it is best to keep these tips in mind.


A routine is a set of tasks that are repetitive. They are the things that you do every day that keep your life structured. Many people need structure in their lives they thrive on it.

  • For children developing a routine and sticking to it are important. This helps them to understand what is expected of them and helps them meet those expectations. Having a certain bedtime and wake up time will help to take the stress out of getting ready for school. A change in routines can cause tremendous stress for children and adults alike.

  • Try to maintain an organized environment for children this will help them to stick to their routine and make them more comfortable. For example, have them leave their book bag in the same place every night that way it can be easily found in the morning ~ eliminating stress.

  • As an adult I use visual things to help me remain organized and following my routine. I have things like a planner, or my phone. For children you may write their schedule out on a poster board or something like that. Clocks or kitchen timers may also be a great way to help children stay on task.

  • Prepare for change by talking about it. Let them voice their concerns to you and discuss them together. It is always best to let it be known what is happening and when it will happen. Along with that information it is good to know exactly what to expect.


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As we all know change is inevitable for as long as we live change will occur, and we should teach our children at a young age how to deal with change. Children learn from our example, they watch how we deal with things and that is what they mimic.

When preparing your child to go back to school in the fall there are several things that you can do to help them make a smooth change.

  • A week or so before school starts get them on a good sleeping schedule. That way they aren’t tired and cranky when they have to get up for school.

  • Stay positive about school, for young children, if you are stressed about them going to school they will be too.

  • Take them to their school open house to meet their teacher.

Are you adding a new family member? Welcoming a new baby is a fun and exciting time, make sure it is for your other children as well.

  • Let them help choose a name for the baby. Give them a list of names that you and your spouse agree on and let them help.

  • Include them in as much as possible, and take special care to make sure they don’t feel left out.

  • Let them help decorate the baby’s room

  • Just bringing a diaper to you when the baby needs changed is considered helping and can make older children feel helpful.

Off to School

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