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Preschool Camping Theme

Updated on October 30, 2012

Preschool Camping Theme Ideas & Activities For Kids

What types of things can we use a campfire for?
What types of things can we use a campfire for?

Preschool Camping Theme for Kids & Preschool Children

How would you do a preschool camping theme for kids while teaching at home or in the preschool classroom?

Preschool themes are topics or curriculum ideas that focus on a particular area of learning or a particular topic and all the activities continue to teach things pertaining to this topic or subject matter.

There are many different preschool them ideas dealing with travel, colors, food, animals, transportation, weather, sports and the list goes on and on.

If the preschool or kindergarten children are interested in camping and outdoorsy things like that then we would plan theme activities dealing with camping by breaking down different areas of the subject like:

What kinds of bugs would you find on a camping trip: Find books about camping and outdoor forests and learn about the bugs you would find in the forest.

Learn about campfires and how to be safe with them: What kinds of things can we use a campfire for? (i.e. stay warm, tell stories, sing songs, cook things, roasting marshmallows etc.)

What do we sleep in when we go camping? Sleeping bags, tents, trailers, campers, motor homes etc.

What kinds of Foods do we eat when we are camping out? We eat things like hotdogs, fish, hamburgers, marshmallows roasted over the fire, eggs and toast for breakfast, orange juice etc.

What kinds of activities do we do while camping? We may play frisbee, play catch with a ball. Other activities for camping like boating, hiking, fishing, swimming etc.

What kinds of noises can we hear when we go camping during the day? The sounds of birds, sounds of animals, sounds of people and kids, crackling camp fires, boat motors and boats, music etc.

What kinds of noises do we hear at night while camping? Crackling camp fires, people talking, kids laughing, animals, music etc.

Preschool Camping Theme: What Do We Sleep In When We Camp?

Preschool Education Poll:

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Dramatic Play - Simple Math & Science for Kids

To get the preschool theme going at home or in the classroom you can create a dramatic play area. Setup a child's tent or a mid sized play tent set up with all sorts of pretend camping materials and toys inside to add to the effect.

Preschool Art Ideas:

To start with preschool art ideas for this theme, you could have the preschool children collect outdoor stuff. Outdoor stuff like little sticks, twigs, leaves, grass, small pebbles, nut shells etc. You can then have the children make their own art or nature collages. You can add glue, paper and markers etc and have the children glue these small objects to construction paper or bristol board or use markers and other things to make artisitc creations and art.

Preschool Math Activities Based On A Camping Theme:

Some simple preschool math activities you could use with the children is to find some plastic bugs or insects and do a simple couting activity.

You could also do a simple counting activity with things like pebbles or other things that are found outside like small leaves or maple keys, pine cones, acorns etc.

*Children Must be supervised if they are prone to putting small things into their mouths- Always be safe with your children and their activities*

Science Activities:

Simple preschool science activities could include you having a bug kit with fake bugs. You could even set up a science table or counter and put some of the outside objects like leaves and small twigs and grasses and using magnifying glasses and small plastic tweezers the children can explore these items.

Magnifying glasses and simple small plastic tweezers for children doing science activities like this can be found at retail stores like Walmart, dollar stores and educational resources stores. You just have to take a good look around and know what you want.

Use Campfire songs & Pretend to camp out for circle time:

You could use some brown construction paper and roll it into logs, or you could use things like brown painted paper towel rolls to act as logs.

Tear some red, orange and yellow paper or tissue papers and glue them to the logs to make it look like a real fire.

You can take these crafty styled fire logs and place them in the center of the classroom carpet. You and the preschool children can sit around the pretend campfire and sing campfire songs.

If you want to make it more dramatic and fun, you could place a bright flashlight in the center of the fake campfire logs and then turn out the classroom lights while everyone is sitting safey in place.

Roast Marshmallows-Sort of..

You can also bring in small sticks from outside and pretend to roast marshmallows over your pretend fire. For a fun treat after your campfire circle, you can actually give them a marshmallow to eat. This makes a great social activity for the children that they will really enjoy being part of.

Scavenger Hunt:

You could make a scavenger hunt for the children outside where you place and hide different items and things we would use while camping.

A scavenger Hunt like this would be a great physical activity to get your children up and moving and exploring trying to find the things you have hidden throughout the yard or playground.

Most children really love scavenger hunts and finding things that are hidden.

Library & BookShelf Items:

Have age appropriate picture books and theme books that are related to camping, adventures in camping different animals and activities which are related to camping outdoors for children to look at and read. Children love picture books with big colorful pictures that help them learn.

You could also make sure that you have coloring pages related to camping, camping activities and animals we might encounter while camping. Provide the children with crayons to color these pictures as an extra learning and preschool theme type of activity. Children love to learn while coloring.

These are just some of the many unique ideas and activities that can be used with preschool themes like a Camping them for kids. There are many ideas and learning activities that you can implement to help to teach children when you are developing any type of preschool lesson plan on a particular subject. You have to just use your imagination and think outside the box.

Kids are eager to learn about exciting new things, so try to keep the ideas fun and interesting for the kids.

Keep These Areas Of Learning In Mind When Planning Themes & Activities:

1. Physical

2. Intellectual

3. Language

4. Emotional

5. Social

Great Preschool Learning Activities & Lesson Plans:

We have a variety of great learning activities and less on plan ideas for teaching preschool children on our websites. Please visit us or stay tuned for more great ideas and activities for teaching your kids at home or in the preschool classroom.

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