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Preschool videos | ABC & 123 | Learn ABC & Numbers

Updated on December 5, 2012

Preschool videos

Preschool should be fun and free of any kind of stress. It is very important that preschool be fun, because a child's attitude to learning would be significantly shaped by his first experiences with learning namely, preschool learning. Preschool videos can help make preschool learning fun. Preschool lessons are important because they form the basis of further learning, but the use of preschool educational videos can make these fun and easy.

You can see a whole range of preschool videos here.

Preschool videos - numbers

Numbers are among the first things people teach preschool kids. Here are a few tips on how to teach numbers to preschool kids.

1. Nursery rhymes / songs with numbers like one-two buckle my shoe, can be sung aloud to kids often. They will get used to the sounds of the numbers 'one', 'two' etc. This will develop a recognition of the number sounds in them. You can also then start reciting the numbers (1 to 10) slowly in order.

2. Use everyday situations to demonstrate numbers, such as when you give them say biscuits, you can count them out, like here are 1,2,3 - 3 biscuits for you.

3. You can slowly demonstrate ‘how many is two,’ ‘how many is four’ etc. You could use common objects like balls, cups etc. You could arrange them in groups to show ‘how many’ is 2 or 4 and so on. You can touch each object when you count initially. There is no hurry, kids can start slowly first, learn to count 2, then up to 3, and then gradually one by one the number may be increased.

4. Use picture story books, and while you read out / tell the story, use the opportunity to emphasize numbers/counting. For example - three little pigs, seven dwarfs etc .

5. Keep using every chance to re-inforce counting skills in all possible real-life situations. For example the child could count out 3 cups of rice for a dish, 2 spoons of sauce etc.

6. Your preschooler then of course needs to be able to relate the number to a symbol i.e she must be able to identify how the number is when written i.e. the shape of the number. You can help this by making models of the numbers 1 to 9, to start. You can just write the number in big size on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

7. Most kids also love the color by number type of activities / worksheets. You can get them many such activities and numbers worksheets to practise.

8. Use preschool videos to make preschool learning numbers fun. Here are 4 videos that show the numbers 1 to 20.

Preschool video - Numbers 1 to 5

Preschool videos - Numbers 6 to 10

Preschool videos - Numbers 11 to 15

Preschool videos - Numbers 16 to 20

Preschool videos - the alphabet

Here are a few tips on teaching the alphabet to preschoolers:

Sing the alphabet song very often to children. Of course singing it slowly and distinctly will make it easier for preschoolers to pick up the letters. If you could point out to the letters in a large alphabet chart while singing it might be still better.

Have a large alphabet chart with all the letters and pictures of examples for each letter (i.e. 'a' for apple and so on).

Make models (cutouts) of all letters. You can do this by simply writing out the letters on a cardboard and cutting out the letter. Let your preschooler feel the shape of each letter as she learns it.

Keep the letter models on a table. Ask the child to pick up the letter model for any letter you say.

While you sing the alphabet song i.e., the abc song ask the child to display the model of each letter as you sing. Of course you have to sing very slowly and distinctly.

Hide the models of the letters in various places in the room. As you call out any letter ask the child to 'hunt' for that letter.

Get large picture books and ask the child to find out all instances of any letter on the page.

Let the child have fun trying to color the letter models. She will get used to the shape / contour of each letter.

If you are quite creative you can make similar models (cutouts) for the examples for each letter i.e. apple for 'a' ball for 'b', etc.

Hold up a letter model and ask the child to locate the example model for that letter.

Hold up an example model and ask the child to locate the matching letter model.

Try and get actual objects for the example models and help the child identify these and relate each one to the matching letter.

Use a lot of coloring pages. Kids usually love coloring. . Preschool coloring sheets with large letters to color in may be given. The coloring pages may also have pictures of objects that begin with the relevant letter.

Preschool videos are often fun for preschoolers to watch and learn. Educational videos for preschoolers are widely available. Preschool videos online can be quite useful. Such learning videos for toddlers and preschoolers introduce the letters of the alphabet to preschool kids with cartoons and lively animation. Here are a few such educational videos for preschoolers.

The alphabet - video

Preschool videos - The alphabet (A - E)

Preschool videos - The alphabet (F - J)

Preschool videos - The alphabet (K - O)

Preschool videos - The alphabet (P - T)


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